lördag 28 augusti 2010

i love my computer...

...but somedays we really dont get along, and today (again) is that kind of day. I just logged my self in to yahoo and after that nothing is working like before. I cant send any emails, i cant follow anyones blog and everything is going so slow. Its so frustraiting. Why cant it be just like scrapping, just go with the flow? I hope my dh son will come and help me out (again)(If anyone now what im doing wrong or how to fix this PLEASE let me now). So now, after hours fighting with my computer im going to make myself a big cup of coffee and go sit outside in the garden for a while. Its really getting cold outside now, the summer is deffinetly over here in Sweden buhuuu! íll be back. hugs bettina

1 kommentar:

  1. I hate those days, and then my Dh will come home and seconds later will fix it.. so frustrating. we are finally showing signs of spring here, so looking forward to being warm again do not envy you the cold coming up.