onsdag 8 september 2010

Cowgirls up. cards for soldiers campaign september 12

Just a little reminder that we are having a very special challange next week over at cowgirls sunday challange.

Christmas cards for soldiers campaign

We will be asking you to create a christmas card to send overseas to the soldiers for them to fill out, sign and send home for their loved ones.

You can start playing right now.Go over to cowgirls sunday challangeand grab the: cards for soldiers BADGE and put it on your sidebar and you will be in the drawing for a PRICE!

But please no glitter or shine on the cards. (it can be dangerous for the soldiers. If they are out in the dark trying to hide, the glitter can do that they may be spotted)

You really dont wanna miss this one!!!

And you still have time to enter the challange going on right now...Anything goes...

Heeeeee Haaaaaaaw!!! see you at the ranch!!! Sunday September 12!!!

Huggies bettina

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