lördag 30 oktober 2010

Gift set.


Today i made a little giftset, a little box and a wrapped in present. I used this cute little snowman image from the Bunny blessings image set, you can find him over at wink wink ink.

Isnt the most importent thing in Christmas time to give a little from yourselfs. Even tho you may not have too much you can always share your heart with others and give a tought to an other person. It doesent always have to be about the gifts and stressing yourself out buing stuff to everyone.

I have actually always loved the byeing gift part of christmas but for the last two or three years i have really felt the stress about  trying to find the perfect gift to everyone. So nowdays i really do understand what my mom has tryed so hard to tell me, that beeing togheter is the most important thing.
Thats atleast how i think of christmas. Spending time with your loved ones and just give of yourself, just like this sweet little snowman, he may not have that much, but he gives what he has, a little bit of himself, isnt that just the cutest thing?

hugs bettina

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  1. Beautiful gift set Bettina! Fantastic Christmas arrangement, love the cone, mushroom and berries! Your mum and you are so right! The cute snowman is just adorable,take careX:)