lördag 2 oktober 2010

What a mess!

I will get my own crafting space!
We decided to cut the livingroom in half. A TV space and a craftspace, becouse i have taken over the livingroom anyways.
So now everything is just a BIG mess, cant do any crafting at the moment. Gathering my stuff togheter, moving the tv corner, building a little wall, and a little 1 year old in the middle of that. we will see how long it takes. hoping it well be ready tomorrow. Well i guess NOT, but almoust ready so i can start playing again. my fingers are itching.

have a wonderful saturday! i now i will have a busy day, evening, night, lol!

hugs bettina

2 kommentarer:

  1. I understand what your doing. Mine is the same way. the tv is on one end of the room and my craft area has taken over about 2/3 of the room. Hve fun and enjoy

  2. Oh my! What an undertaking, Bettina! Good luck getting it all straightened out! Here's hoping you'll be able to craft soon!