tisdag 30 november 2010

Candy wrapper.

Yesterday when i woke up it was a wonderful morning. i took my cup of coffe and sat down on the kitchen table and looked out. what i saw was like a beautiful winterpainting. the sun was shining on all that white glittery snow and on my back yard i saw tree cute little deers walking by.
It looked so beautiful and i got that feeling, the feeling that i havent felt for so many years, the christmas feeling,. i tought that i had lost it, but its here.
I always got that warm, cousy excited feeling when i was a kid, and now its back, yeah!

I so hope that all this snow will stay. For ones the weather mens had right. they said that this winter will be could with much snow and boy is it could out there, -13 c, brrr.
Im really a summergirl and dont like winter, but i prefer a real winter with lots of snow, so you can go outside and have some winterfun, do some snowmens and on christmas mornings we always make some snowball lamps and put some candels in them so that santa will find his way home to us, and he always does.

I was decorating my home yesterday, i now, im a little late this year, but the thing is that my curtins that i always have in the kitchen is just gone, i have been looking everywhere but i cant find them anywhere, and my stars that i always hang in the livingroom window...gone...well, have to go shopping, and like my hubby said: are you complaining? and NO, im not. Who doesent wanna go shopping?

.Melanie has made a new winter set for you and she has a great offer to you all too. take a look at this...

We also have an awesome WINTER BUNDLE of all of the stamps released since October, including the brand new JUST FOR YOU set! A $26.50 Value for just $20! This deal is good through December 26
I know it's getting down to the wire for making those last minute Christmas cards and that's where this WINTER BUNDLE is going to make your life a whole lot easier! Even if you don't have time to color 50 stamps for everyone on your Christmas list, that's okay! Our stamps come in pre-colored versions as well as black and white! So if you are running short on time, just print, cut, and use to embellish all kinds of projects in a fraction of the time! And most of these stamps can be used for occasions other than Christmas so they are a great value!

Great deal, huh!
Go check it out atwink wink ink

And speaking of cute deers, here is my project. I used the new "just for you" set and made a little candy wrapper. The dp was just perfect for the image cause it has some deers on it, can you see them?

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs bettina

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  1. This is AWESOME Bettina! So festive & fun! GREAT coloring on the deer ... just perfect! Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful story! Isn't it nice to have those childhood memories & feeling come rushing back! Very heartwarming ... Hugs to ya ... enjoy your day!!

  2. Oh my goodness girl!! This is just beautiful!! What a gorgeous design with the WWI image!! That ribbon looks so yummy!! :)

  3. Bettina Ive mailed you twice did you get my E mail? I do want you on our team I am awaiting your reply Your first mail went into the wring e mail box (My spam box) so I never seen it Please reply anyway whither you are still interested or not Thanks Liz xx

    Liz x