söndag 21 november 2010

Creative cowgirls 1st challange


Yes! we are up and running again.  creative cowgirls is restarting today with an anything goes challange. we will be having a new fun challange up for you bi weekly.

For this week our sponsor is bombshell stamps.

I made two little candy bags with this great images. I will be giving them to a little girl who loves horses and ofcourse she loves candy, who doesent. I must admit that from the beginning there where a few more candybars,lol.
Oh well, i made theese in the middle of the night so i really needed the sugarkick,right?
I also made a little pocket on the squere candy bag. I tought that now when the holidays are upcoming it would be fun for her to get a little money to go christmas shopping.

So hop on over to the CCC and join in the fun. I meen its an ANYTHING GOES challange.
Have fun!

Hugs Bettina

3 kommentarer:

  1. What lovely gifts these are Bettina :D (would've got even less candy if I'd been making them haha! ) XXX

  2. Love your yummy projects for this challenge girl!! TFS! HUGS