onsdag 24 november 2010

here we go...

Kenny K is having a dt call and i, i now...little me, is actually going to apply. It has taken me a few days to gather the courage to do this, bu i was thinking....you cant win it if your not in it, right!

They wanted you to show at least 2 of your favourite cards. I am going with 5. I now, i have so many favourites... no, its actyally the other way around, i had such a hard time picking the ones i really, really do like. I do kinda like them just when they are finisched but a few weeks later i go: "what was i thinking"?
Isnt it a little like that for us everyone, we are ourselfs worst selfcritics.

Any ways, here it goes...my application for Kenny K`s DT...

Hope you like them!

Hugs Bettina

2 kommentarer:

  1. Good Luck Bettina! I am sure you will make it!!
    If they need a reference, I will tell them you are an AMAZING DT Member!!


  2. oh cindy-lynn, thank you so much, and you are so AMAZING to work for, love ya!