tisdag 23 november 2010

little angel

I cant believe how fast time flyes. where did the summer go? Its true what they say : the older you get, the faster time flyes. Thats not fear, cause the older i get, the less time i have. Oh well, just have to make the best of the time i got.

 Well christmas is knocking on the door, its already 1st advent on sunday, so this weekend will be the christmas decorating week. I always have everything up and ready for the first sunday of december, it actually takes more than a weekend to get the whole house ready, its not that our house is that big its just me running around and changeing and moving stuff around before im totally satiesfied.

 Today i made this little tilda angel. its going to hang in my daughters christmas tree.

i think she is kinda cute. and ofcourse i had to make her pink to go with my daughters white and pink christmas tree.

and here she is, hanging in the tree, just waiting for christmas.

Heres another little angel, my beautiful little daughter. This is some pics from our vacation in Florida. Im still having a huge jetlag and so is she, sleeping all day and playing all night.
Im hoping that we soon will get back to normal.

we bought her this big headed winney the pooh and she just loved him, she slept with him every night.

and this little monkey was "hanging" with her every day.

Heres a few more pics from our vacation:

The family.

Im soooo cute!

Big brother and big sister.

Big brother is the best!

Me and my son.

Im stuck,lol.

Melinda-Chayene loves to swin.

Do i look good now?

Mummys little cutiepie!

have a great day!

hugs bettina.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Bettina
    Your little girl is such a cutie pie and i just love the photo with her Minnie Mouse ears!!!!
    Your Angel decoration is absolutely GORGEOUS too.....love it!!!!!
    Hugs Alison

  2. Ummmm HELLO!!! That angel is AMAZING!! You are soooo creative! I am just glad you are on MY DT!! haha