fredag 24 december 2010

Merry Christmas!


Tomorrow is the BIG day, almoust ready, guess i will have some little things to fix tomorrow morning.
But i think i made it this year too.

This will probably be my last post before christmas (duh, christmas is tomorrow).
and i think this is my last christmas project, that almoust feels a little bit sad. I liked doing all this christmas projects, but...theres still a whole lot of winter projects to do. This could as well be just a winter project, right? So what am i sad about?
maybe its the feeling im going to miss? that christmas feeling, but hey, new years is around the corner, and then comes easter and  the wonderful spring and just like that its going to be my favourite season of the year...summer.

Guess i need to stop babbeling now, or this post will be a very long one. Its just that im so excited tonight...its CHRISTMAS tomorrow, and i now that theres a few gifts under the christmas tree where it says: to bettina.
I have been peeking, i have even shaked them a little, sssh, dont tell anyone,lol.

Ok, heres my little last minute christmas gift, its to my son.

I decorated a toffifee candy box. He always gets toffifee for christmas.

Look at this beautiful prima flower! Its stunning! Dont you think?

Heres a little envelope. i painted the edges with some crackle paint and added a little prima swirls.
In the envelope i put a gift certificate.

A little star. Painted with crackle paint.

and a bow.

Here i tryed to take a side pic.

Hope you liked my last minute christmas gift.
and i hope my son Jesper will like it. I now he will LOVE whats in it anyways.

So now...Ho, ho, ho...

Bless you all and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

hugs bettina.

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