söndag 26 december 2010

Wall hanger?


Hope you all have had a wonderful christmas evening. I did!

Heres a little thing i did. I was going to a ornament, but i dont now what happend.
I ended up with this.
I think its now a wall hanger, at least its hangigng on one of my doors, or did hang before my mother came.

The sentiment is from winkwinkink.

Dont now what i think of it, really. Im going to give it to mom, cause when she saw it hanging on the door she tought that it would look good on her bed room door. guess i cant give it to her, cause she just took it,lol.

oh well, sometimes the things i do just gets a life of its own. Ever happens to you?

have a wonderful and peaceful christmas holidays!

Hugs bettina.

1 kommentar:

  1. This is very pretty my friend!! I love your wall hanging!! So happy to hear that you've had a lovely Christmas my friend!! Best wishes for the New Year as well!!HUGS