lördag 18 december 2010

wink wink ink


On Tuesday its  the last day for my son at school and a well deserved holiday time with family and friends awaits him. Its a little exciting this time becouse he will get his greades ( did i spell that right?) for the first time. im a little excited about it too.

His so looking forward to this christmas holiday. No early mornings and boy does he loooove to sleep.

I did make a few of this candy boxes for him to give to his teatchers and mentors, filled with yummy chocolate.

I played a little with fimo ( for the first time) and baked my own little christmas trees and decorated them with a little bling.

The sentiment is a set from wink wink ink. and its called the seasons tweetings set.

Have a wonderful saturday!

Hugs bettina

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  1. Yum! Lucky people!
    Thanks for the lovely comments on my card for the blog hop and sorry, the puzzle piece wasn't showing . Its all fixed now if you want to collect it!