tisdag 30 november 2010


is a new challangeblog and they are  having a dt call and a $15 gift cerificate giveaway. im in! want in? go HERE !

Hugs bettina

Candy wrapper.

Yesterday when i woke up it was a wonderful morning. i took my cup of coffe and sat down on the kitchen table and looked out. what i saw was like a beautiful winterpainting. the sun was shining on all that white glittery snow and on my back yard i saw tree cute little deers walking by.
It looked so beautiful and i got that feeling, the feeling that i havent felt for so many years, the christmas feeling,. i tought that i had lost it, but its here.
I always got that warm, cousy excited feeling when i was a kid, and now its back, yeah!

I so hope that all this snow will stay. For ones the weather mens had right. they said that this winter will be could with much snow and boy is it could out there, -13 c, brrr.
Im really a summergirl and dont like winter, but i prefer a real winter with lots of snow, so you can go outside and have some winterfun, do some snowmens and on christmas mornings we always make some snowball lamps and put some candels in them so that santa will find his way home to us, and he always does.

I was decorating my home yesterday, i now, im a little late this year, but the thing is that my curtins that i always have in the kitchen is just gone, i have been looking everywhere but i cant find them anywhere, and my stars that i always hang in the livingroom window...gone...well, have to go shopping, and like my hubby said: are you complaining? and NO, im not. Who doesent wanna go shopping?

.Melanie has made a new winter set for you and she has a great offer to you all too. take a look at this...

We also have an awesome WINTER BUNDLE of all of the stamps released since October, including the brand new JUST FOR YOU set! A $26.50 Value for just $20! This deal is good through December 26
I know it's getting down to the wire for making those last minute Christmas cards and that's where this WINTER BUNDLE is going to make your life a whole lot easier! Even if you don't have time to color 50 stamps for everyone on your Christmas list, that's okay! Our stamps come in pre-colored versions as well as black and white! So if you are running short on time, just print, cut, and use to embellish all kinds of projects in a fraction of the time! And most of these stamps can be used for occasions other than Christmas so they are a great value!

Great deal, huh!
Go check it out atwink wink ink

And speaking of cute deers, here is my project. I used the new "just for you" set and made a little candy wrapper. The dp was just perfect for the image cause it has some deers on it, can you see them?

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs bettina

fredag 26 november 2010

Digi`s With Attitude! color challange and DT call.

Hi blogland!

Today we have a new fun challange for you!

This time its a color challange.
We want you to use pink ,black and silver, a wonderful color combination, dont you think?

I used Gretchen cop, talk about some attitude.

I did a foulded card and i wanted to make it a little "edgey" and "sexy",  maybe a combination between the movies Moulin rouge and Sex in the city. Can you see it?

Of course i followed the color theme pink, black and silver.

A lot of flowers and pearls in the front. I put some black floss thrue the punched holes to get it to look a little like a corsette and to get the "sexy" feel to it.  Its actyally more pink in the colors than what this picture shows.

This is how it looks when you first open it. I made some curtins ( gosch what a difficult word) with a lot of rhinestones on them.

And here we have HER...Gretchen the cop.

Here the card is fully opened.

Just to let you now...

We are also having a DT call over at Digis `With attitude! Its a great Dt to be a part of. Cindy-Lynn is so WONDERFUL to work with.

Im am going to apply for the next term for sure. Cause i really LOVE beeing on this team and i LOVE all the images. They are all so fun to work with.
So...what you waiting for? Dont be SHY, go APPLY!!! ( ha, ha, that rimed )


We also have a new facebook group !
Come join today!

Have a Wonderful day!

Hugs bettina

onsdag 24 november 2010

wink wink ink dt project.

Hi !

Today i made this little drawer. Lots and lots of flowers.

I used melanies frames, they are always so good to have, what ever the occasion you have the frames and sentiments to go with it. go check them out at wink wink ink.

There is going to be a lot of pics.

This is from one side...

...and this is the side where you can see the frame from wink wink ink

...and this one is from the top...

...lots of flowers...

...an other side pic...

...and yet an other..,lol.

Hope you liked it.

Hugs Bettina

im entering this to: bellichallenge- r for roses

here we go...

Kenny K is having a dt call and i, i now...little me, is actually going to apply. It has taken me a few days to gather the courage to do this, bu i was thinking....you cant win it if your not in it, right!

They wanted you to show at least 2 of your favourite cards. I am going with 5. I now, i have so many favourites... no, its actyally the other way around, i had such a hard time picking the ones i really, really do like. I do kinda like them just when they are finisched but a few weeks later i go: "what was i thinking"?
Isnt it a little like that for us everyone, we are ourselfs worst selfcritics.

Any ways, here it goes...my application for Kenny K`s DT...

Hope you like them!

Hugs Bettina

tisdag 23 november 2010

little angel

I cant believe how fast time flyes. where did the summer go? Its true what they say : the older you get, the faster time flyes. Thats not fear, cause the older i get, the less time i have. Oh well, just have to make the best of the time i got.

 Well christmas is knocking on the door, its already 1st advent on sunday, so this weekend will be the christmas decorating week. I always have everything up and ready for the first sunday of december, it actually takes more than a weekend to get the whole house ready, its not that our house is that big its just me running around and changeing and moving stuff around before im totally satiesfied.

 Today i made this little tilda angel. its going to hang in my daughters christmas tree.

i think she is kinda cute. and ofcourse i had to make her pink to go with my daughters white and pink christmas tree.

and here she is, hanging in the tree, just waiting for christmas.

Heres another little angel, my beautiful little daughter. This is some pics from our vacation in Florida. Im still having a huge jetlag and so is she, sleeping all day and playing all night.
Im hoping that we soon will get back to normal.

we bought her this big headed winney the pooh and she just loved him, she slept with him every night.

and this little monkey was "hanging" with her every day.

Heres a few more pics from our vacation:

The family.

Im soooo cute!

Big brother and big sister.

Big brother is the best!

Me and my son.

Im stuck,lol.

Melinda-Chayene loves to swin.

Do i look good now?

Mummys little cutiepie!

have a great day!

hugs bettina.

måndag 22 november 2010

Trim a tree contest

Today i wanted to let you now that we have a fun contest going on over at wink wink ink.
Melanie has made a cute little potted tree freebie for you all. Grab it and decorate it any way you want to and then link up your creation. Fun huh!

The public woting will start on December 19 and go thru christmas day.
Each person is allowed to vote for their top 3 choices.

Prizes will be:
1st place- $ 15 worth of stamps
2nd place- $10 worth of stamps
3rd-place- $ 5 worth of stamps

***ONE entry per person please***

Here is my sample:

I made a little christmas ornament.

Hope you join in the fun!

Hugs bettina

söndag 21 november 2010

Creative cowgirls 1st challange


Yes! we are up and running again.  creative cowgirls is restarting today with an anything goes challange. we will be having a new fun challange up for you bi weekly.

For this week our sponsor is bombshell stamps.

I made two little candy bags with this great images. I will be giving them to a little girl who loves horses and ofcourse she loves candy, who doesent. I must admit that from the beginning there where a few more candybars,lol.
Oh well, i made theese in the middle of the night so i really needed the sugarkick,right?
I also made a little pocket on the squere candy bag. I tought that now when the holidays are upcoming it would be fun for her to get a little money to go christmas shopping.

So hop on over to the CCC and join in the fun. I meen its an ANYTHING GOES challange.
Have fun!

Hugs Bettina

lördag 20 november 2010

fairy card

heres a card i made for cowgirls up. but while i was gone on vacation in the USA something happened.
CJ closed down all her blogs, sooo... well not to worry, we girls on the Dt have something new and exciting going on, tomorrow is the launch of creative cowgirls challenge blog.

This card was so fun to do. I have had some alcohol inks in my drawer for a long time but didnt really now how to use it. well i decided to try to use it somehow and this is what i came up with. Boy did i have fun getting messy.

For the moment i just love the colors green, orange and brown. all the earth colors really make me go giddy about it, and the end products always looks so cosy and warm, dont you think.

Hoping to see you all tomorrow when the creative cowgirls challenges  first challange is going live.

Hugs bettina

im entering this to:

fredag 19 november 2010

DWA challange 7

Can you believe it! We are already on challange 7. Oh, do i love Fridays. Its the last day of the week and the weekend is here and...Digi`s With Attitude! has a new challange, jihuuu!

For this week we want you to have some sports theme on your creation. Maybe the colors of your favourite team, a creation to someone who loves sports. What ever you can come up with, as long as it has some sports in it.

All the Inkie Inkpritz Girls used Grumphy Gretchen Cheerleader, and they have created some faboulous cards, go check them out!

This Grumphy Gretchen was actyally perfect for me.
I made a card to my girlfriend who is a cheerleader, and here in sweden its not that usual to be a cheerleader its actyally really uncommond.

I just wanted to CHEER her up a little cause she is doing such a hard work everyday and right now i think she is having a little tuff period in her life.

So Sandra... This one is for you. you GO, GO, GO, Girl!  I love You!

Now, hop on over to DWAC and go play! Im so excited so see what you all will create.

oh, and dont forget...Have fun! cause thats what its all about.

Hugs bettina.

torsdag 18 november 2010

Southern girls challange 6.

YES!, its finally time for challange number 6 over at southern girls challenge.
This time we want to see you use your favourite colors. I just love the theme.
I have always thinked that im a pink loving girl, but nowdays i really like to create with all the earth colors, like orange, green and brown.
So this lovely little muschroom house from make it crafty who is our int sponsor this week turned out orange.
i just loved to color it, i think this is one of my favourite images right now.

well then, hop on over to SGC and start creating with your favourite colors and have a look at what the rest of the DT did, some WONDERFUL creations.

Enjoy and have fun, i did!

onsdag 17 november 2010

A new challange blog...

...is in town.
And its called creative cowgirls challangeblog.
we will be having our renewed opening on sunday 21 nov.
The very first challange is going to be a anything goes challange.
Stop by to become a follower so that you dont miss out on anything and remember...
Sunday 21 nov , thats the big day! see you there!

hugs bettina

fredag 12 november 2010

Mecanic Gretchen


Time for a new fun challange over at Digi`s With Attitude!

For this challange we have a recepie for you; Use 2 dp, sparkle and some ribbon.

All the Inkie Inkpritz Girls used the Mecanic Gretchen.

I made a little jar to my hubbie, cause everyday when he comes home from work he always emtys his pockets full with all kinds of bits and stuff on the kitchen table, but no more. now he has his own little jar to put all his stuff in. Schould i mention that he is a mecanic.

I used 2 dps, some ribbon and my sparkle is the pearls on the ribbon. I used my pearl maker for that.

What you waiting for, head on over and join in the fun!

Hugs bettina.

söndag 7 november 2010

Country girl bag


Today we have a new exciting challange over at cowgirls up.

We have a sketch for you to follow and the twist is that we want to see something coyntry/western, fun huh!

I found this black, nice looking paperbag in my draw in the kitchen, where we save all our paperbags and decided to use it for CJ`s lovely image called girl and horse.
   I took this image to challange myself, cause i think its really difficult to color animals and make them look good.

I made my first coffee filter flower, so fun and easy to do. i breaded some stiff yarn and made it in to a heart shape. Made my own jewelery and hanged it on to give some glimmer to it. I relly like doing my own jewelery and im realising that almoust every project i do ends up having some kind of homemade jewelery on it.
The sentiment says: You make me happy.
Hope you like my bag.

Our sponsor this week is: Bomb shell.

So head on over to cowgirls up and join in the fun.

Hugs bettina

lördag 6 november 2010



Today i did this little milkbox. I have seen this on the internet and just had to do one.

I wanted it to look a little romantic and i wanted to use the little cat siluhette from wink wink ink. Its a whole christmas set that melanie has done but i wanted to try to do something with just the cat, go check out the whole set at the wink wink ink store.

A little flowers a little jewelery and bling and of course some ribbon to get the romantic toutch.

Hope you like!

Hugs bettina.

fredag 5 november 2010

Cowgirl Gretchen

Jippii! Its Friday again. I love Fridays, cause it meens that the weekend is here and its time for another challange over at DWAC!

This week we would love to see anything Western.

The Inkpritz girls all used the cowgirl gretchen, isnt she just too cool?
But be weare so she wont pull one on you,lol.
I loved coloring her, actyally im realizing how much i love to color all of the Gretchens, the end product always lookes so beautiful, Its like me and Gretchen can communicate and she tells me excatly how she wants to be colored,lol. (ok, now im spacing out here)
But sometimes with some images it just clicks, right?

To see all the dts wonderful work and to join in the challange head on over to DWAC.

I cant wait to see what you all come up with! Im really excited to see how you will do this western theme. Cause i now you, you always have such brilliant and fun ideas!

Hugs bettina

onsdag 3 november 2010

Southern girls.


Its time for southern girls next challange.

For this challange we want you to use a transport (bike, cars etc)

Its my week of, and right now im probably laying on the beach in florida (and im really hoping this schedule thinggy is working) so sorry, no project from me this week, but go check out all the wonderful things the rest of the dt made.

our sponsor this time is...

NZ/AUS- artfull craft, INT- digital delights.

Have fun creating!

Hugs bettina.