onsdag 12 januari 2011

best of 2010?

The stampman is having a really fun challange going on, and i just have to join in, it sounds so fun.

The challange is....

My best craft project of the year 2010.
(wich also is my first crafting year.)

My gosch, how am i ever gonna be able to choose?

there is so many projects to choose from, not that i love them ( i am really selfcritical, and never quite happy with what i do. ofcourse i have had a few good moments,lol) but some of my things have a personal meening or tought to it, thats why i like some of my projects, they meen something special to me.

I wasnt sure how to go about this, or how to think when choosing. can you imagine to just choose 1 project?

First i was going to choose a LO that i did.
Its from my fathers funural, the flower arragement that was on his coffin.
Its a really beautiful layout but it made me so sad, and i want this to be fun, so i choosed this cake instead.

I  think this is one of  my favourites and i had only been crafting for about 6 month when i did this cake.
Its really special to me .

I made it for my daughters 1st birthday.
I think it represents me at that time . I love flowers and at the time i loved pink and girly girl. I love to experiment and are still exploring this whole papercrafting world.

i have only been papercrafting for about 1 year, so there is so much out there that is new to me, and i wanna try and do it all, often all at the same time too.
I always have 3-4 projects going on at the same time,lol.
I get an ide or see something inspiering from some of you blogging friends (thank you all for that) and i just have to put the ide on paper right away.
Some times it works out, but sometimes my ideas ends up a total mess,lol.
I just wish there where 48 hours on a day.

Thank you stamp man for the challange.

hugs bettina.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow it's Yummy and such a gorgeous design you really are so talented will have to go right back to the beginning of your blog and start again looking at all your fab work! Chanelle xxx

  2. This is gorgeous hunni I know what you mean I've always got more than 2 projects on the go I've still got 2 on the go from crimbo, I will use them for the next crimbo lol. I'm still exploring this is my 9th month crafting now & the amount you can learn in awesome & there is so much more to learn & soo much inspiration. Excellent project you have chosen here hun its really beautiful.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  3. Oh Bettina, this is amazing!! It must have taken a lot of time to design and make. I love the colours and all the detail.

    So beautiful:)

    Thank you for joining in with our award challenge


  4. Thanks so much for joining us at The StampMan challenge :) What a fun cake, I love the colours and all the embellishments. So sorry to hear you lost your Father last year though.