torsdag 3 februari 2011

I got an AWARD or 2...

Look what i got!!!

A Love blog award.

I actually got 2 of them

one is from vicky, Who is an amazing lady. Not only does she do amazing cards she really is wonderful at hart. hop on over to her blog and you will now what im blurbing about. she also is a past dt friend to me, she was on the dt team that was my very first team and i learned alot from her.
vicky, i love ya hun!

The second award is from cory. My new dt friend. i just reacently got to now cory thru prairie fairy, when i made the team. and my gosch, have you seen her creations? im so honored to be an a team togheter with this talanted lady. go check her blog.

Thank you so much ladies for the awards, havent got that many. (actyally i think this is my 1st).

So, there is some rules to this....
1st i have to accept it and the tell the one i got it from that i do, so girls...
i do...
(hmmm, never thought that i was in to girls, and always thought i was monogamist(is that what its called?), oh i go again. its late and im so tierd, its 3 am, so sorry ...)

anyways, then i have to choose 3-5 of my fave blogs to give this LOVE BLOG award to...
i hope i got this right now

Dear Bloggers the aim of this award is that we bring unknown good blogs to light.
so I ask that you do not pass this award to fellow bloggers who have more than 3000 followers.

its always so hard to choose, cause i love all of your blogs, but im giving this one to...

all the girls at the
craft us crazy design team.
(maybe this is against the award rules, but i got 2 and its my 1st award so i dont understand the rules yet,lol?)

im loving their blogs and  they all are amazing crafters and we are starting up our new challange blog TOMORROW!!! 

Have a wonderful day, im off to bed now.



7 kommentarer:

  1. I love this Bettina the colours are fab and I love your bunting flags, Hugs Rebekah xx

  2. Ow wow Bettina, that is so sweet!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate this!! Big hug, Frea

  3. Awwww so sweet Bettina! I don't think you broke any rules, it should go to who you feel it should go to, so I'm proud to receive it! Thanks for thinking about our girls in such high light. We wouldn't be us without YOU though, so you're just as deserving!!!

  4. Bettina, that is so sweet that you thought of us "crazy" girls! Thank you so much!!

    Lynne x x

  5. Thank Bettina! I really appreciate and I must say that you really deserve it!!!!
    Thanks again!

  6. Thank you! You are soo thoughtful. Love your work.

  7. Åh vad snäll du är Bettina...Men vad gör mann med den? Ska jag limma den in i min blogg och ge den vidare?..Har heller aldrig fått en..