söndag 27 mars 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

My beloved dad.

This is my Dad.
he was a kind of person that could make everybody smile.
you now some people has that aura around them, that just by beeing there they can light up a whole room,
my dad was like that.
he didnt even have to say anything, but you could feel him whenever he was around, and it was a good feeling.
he always made jokes, and he loved the rude ones,lol, just like me.
we are so alike, me and dad. we look the same and we think the same, and always laughted at the same things.
so often when he told a joke we stood there laughing our butts of and the rest of the croud didnt even get the joke, and when there was a really good joke we could laugh at it for hours,lol.

he loved singing, dancing and playing hes piano. he was really good. when he was younger he had a band and they played at all the big cruise boats. so i think that where he is now, in heaven, he has a band and are playing and singing and people are dancing and apploing him. i think he is having the time of his life up there.
i remember when i was little i always danced on his toes. we walsed, tangoed and discoed. i loved doing that.
and now when im older we sometimes sang togheter on the phone,lol, we had a few songs that we often sang togheter, oh, i miss that so much, singing togheter.
he sang at my wedding and i sang our special song at his funeral.

my dad is turning 65 today, only 65. he died way to early.. I guess that god has a plan but for me it was too early, he was only 63. he died 1 year and 2 weeks ago. i remember when i got that call.
i talked to him on Thursday and everything was just fine and on friday i got that terrible call.
He past away so suddenly, without any warning, he has never been sick or anything, so i still have such a hard time understanding and believing that he isnt here no more.
I still pick up the phone, about to call him, and then i remember...

I just want to tell you dad that I LOVE YOU so much and i miss you so much.
Sometimes i dont now what to do whith all the emotions, feels like i cant handle it.
But i guess im going to get thru it, but at the moment it feels like i will never heal, never be happy again cause i miss you too much. I feel like saying, please come back, but i now that you cant.
Im so happy that you met your granddaughter Melinda. I now how much you loved her.
she was your little monkey.


heres a few layouts that i have managed  to make before...
the first one took me ages to make, and its filled with my tears...

"Beloved dad"
This is from last christmas. My dd refused to let go of granddads hand...lol.

This is the flowers that was on his coffin...

The poem/song is so beautiful, and its called Dream big...

"When you cry be sure to dry your eyes,
cause better days are sure to come.
When you laugh be sure to laugh out loud,
cause it will carry all your cares away.
And when you pray, pray for strength to help you carry on
when the troubles come your way.
And when you dream, dream big,
as big as the ocean blue, cause when you dream,
it might come true"

hugs bettina

11 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Bettina, giv dig lov til at være trist i dag. Der er en tid for alt.
    Tro mig, jeg har selv været der.
    Klem fra Dorte

  2. Jag beklagar värkligen den sorg du måste känna på att forlora din pappa. Men jag är så glad på din vägne att du kan minnas honom med glädje och att du har så många goda stunder med honom.
    Jättefina LO'er du har gjort med din underbara pappa <3
    Sköt om dig och dina kära <3
    Goda kramar Lill

  3. Bless you Bettina,I know your feelings,one day the sun will shine again! You were truly blessed as I was too to have had the worlds greatest Dad! Take care sweet friend,Julie.x

  4. A really moving and beautiful tribute to a wonderful father :D XXX

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your beloved father Bettina!!

    Just love the layouts what a very special keepsake and memory for your daughter as we have these memories printed on our hearts to remember always!

    love Chanelle xxx

  6. Oh Bettina this is such a beautiful and loving post. He was a lucky father to have you as a daughter.

    Big hugs,

  7. Bettina this is beautiful! god comfort and give you strenght.

  8. Aww what a lovely tribute to your dad, I am sure hes smiling down on you and your family. Sending all my best wishes, Elaine-xxx-

  9. Hei!... Det er godt å minnes de gode ting med mennesker som har stått en nær - og ennå står en nær, selv om de er borte.. De gode minnene lever videre! For noen nydelige layouter du har laget. :) Et nydelig dikt til den nederste! Den er utrolig flott - gjennomørt med arket med rosemotiv til. :)

    Klemmer fra Hege

  10. Ahh Bettina... Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful tribute to your Dad! You have put so much emotion and love into this post and it brings tears to my eyes!
    I'm so sorry for your loss... I know it will never stop hurting, but I hope you find comfort and strength in your memories!


  11. Bettina, this is such a wonderful tribute to your dad. He was lucky to have such a caring and talented daughter. I love the special poem that you posted. Always keep his love in your heart. By talking, and posting, about your Dad you are sharing his special qualities with all of us. I lost my Dad when he was only 49... much to early too.