tisdag 2 augusti 2011


Im baaaack...

To tell you whos the winner of my summer candy,yay!

First of i just wanna thank you al. al my wonderful, lovable , amazing followers.
Thank you!...
...for becoming my follower. Im gonna do what i can to make you feel welcome and to get you inspiered here at my place.
...and for wanting to play along in my candy.

I have a hard time believing that so many of you want to follow little me.
I feel so honored and happy.
I havent have the time to come visit you al yet, but im gonna do my best to get some time to come to you and say hello.

well i really just wanted to say hello to al my new followers. Im so happy and excited that you are here.
and to my old ones... you know i loves ya al!!!

oki doki!

Here comes the thing you al have been waiting for.

The winner of my candy is...


289, ninas hobbyblogg!!!


Could you please contact me at http://bettinabillung@yahoo.se with al you info so i can send you the package.

oh and guess what?

i added a little something more to my candy.
1 magnolia stamp and 2 sweet pea stamps. two of my fav stampcompanies, well, i guess almoust al are my fav stampcompanies,lol.


I decided to have a little tiiny wiiny price to a second winner.

and the price im giving   away is...

2 paperpacks and 1 sweet pea stamp.

and the lucky winner is...


Congrats hun!

if you to could please contact me, so i can send you this little extra prize.

Thank you to everyone! This was so much fun. I wisch everyone could win.
well, maybe ill have another candy pretty soon. You never know he, hee.

Hugs bettina

14 kommentarer:

  1. That's awesome...WAY TO GO WINNERS!! :) Thanks also Bettina for all the inspiration.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! What lovely prizes!

  4. Oi, oi, oi!!! Går det an å bli så heldig!!! Tusen, tusen takk! E-post er i farta :)

  5. That is sooo sweet of you!
    Congrats to the winners!


  6. Kan knappt tro det är sant!! :D Överlycklig!Här skickat iväg ett mail :) Tuuuuusen tack!

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winnerS and to you, dear, for the SO lovely candy! God bless! :D

  8. Congrats to both winners they are so lucky :)

  9. Congratulations to the winners!
    Och tack för chansen att vinna en härlig candy. Ha det gott i solen!

  10. Congrats Lena & Nina, enjoy x

    hugs sally x

  11. Congratulations to the lucky winners! and hugs to you, dear!

  12. Gratulerer til de to heldige vinnerne!
    Congrats to the two lucky winners!

  13. Well done to the winners :D
    Sweetie you deserve all the followers your creations are awesome!

    Amy xx