fredag 16 december 2011

Southern Girls and "Santa Lucia"!

Hi friends!

Just a little note: as you can see on my blog header im having some huge problems. Al PDF files looks like this. I have downloaded some PDF thingy, but it only works for printing? I havent had this problem before, but after my computer crasched nothing is like it used to be.
So, now im asking you al, what am i doing wrong or, what should i do? please help me out!!!.
I want my blog to look good everytime you come by. 
Its like knowing your having guests coming by and you dont cleane your house before they arrive,lol.
I do need help, desperatly!

Anyways...We are having our final challange for the year over at Southern girls , and the theeme is..Celebreate!
We will be back bigger and better(if thats possible,lol) next year.
The 1st challange for 2012 will go up Januari 5th, so plenty of time to play along in this Celebreate challange.

Here is my card...

Im celebreating christmas...
And i was also thinking about gingerbreads, thats what tilda is holding, a row of gingerbread hearts that she has baked,lol.

The dps i have used is from echo park called "times and season", they are wonderful. I just love the colors of the papers.

I also decorated the inside this time, but i forgot to take pics, so typical!
But inside i made a little pocket for that tag that you can see in this pic.
I just distressed the tag and then i put on a wellum sentiment that says warmest holiday wisches.

Its so funny, cause i was going thru my winter / christmas stasch and had no ide i had a whole block filled with beautiful wellum sentiments. Its a little like a mini christmas when you find stuff you didnt even know you had, isnt it?lol.

A close up of Tilda holding her baked gingerbread hearts.


Now im gonna show you some pics of my little cutiepie. We were celebreating Lucia here in Sweden on Tuesday, and i got some requests off showin some pics from her 1st lucia celebration at daycare. you are...mummys little cutiepie...

Here we are on our way to daycare...

im bursting soon, can we go now...?

Finally at daycare. Melinda is on top but not sure what im doing, looks like im about to go to sleep,lol.
It was hubby who had the camera, and i have to say more?
Every pic is blurry or he didnt take enough pics,grrr

Come on!!! Lets sing togheter, "Sankta Luciaaaaa....!LOL.

Finally at home. In grandmums lap eating the hugest chokolate santa clause, mmmmm...

and can i tell you that she went to bed really late that night, talk about sugar rusch, she was like a little speedy gonzalez running around,lol.
Well, we had a really lovely day, and a lot of..hmmm..some good pics to remember our princesses 1st Lucia celebreation at daycare.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Hope you enjoyed yourself and had fun celebreating Lucia with Melinda-Chayene!?

Have a wonderful evening!

Big hugs bettina

8 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Bettina, love your card, great job!! Such cute pictures, you sort of look like you're a bit annoyed LOL!!! Hugs, Frea

  2. Awww Bettina, your card is gorgeous and your photos of your cutiepie are adorable.. so sweet xxx

  3. Wow, great card! I love that flower arrangement! Hugs, Hanneke

  4. The flowers on this card is absolutely gorgeous, I suppose they are handmade. Love the card :O)

  5. Stunning beautiful card cheers sue n xx

  6. När du sparar din header fårn så måste du spara den som PNG fil. Och samma efter när du skrivit i din text så måste du spara den som png fil för att det ska bli genomskinlig bakgrund. Vill du ha hjälp så hojta till.
    Vill du ha en helt egen unik design så kan jag sånt också.

  7. Inga problem jag kikar ju in här ibland och såg du ville ha hjälp.

    Jag skulle kunna göra något betty boop scrapbook aktigt går ju ganska fort för mig så bara jag får länka att det är jag som gjort designen så =)

  8. Beautiful card as always Bettina!!
    Beautiful cutie-Pie too..great photo's its so nice to see the little ones having a good time!!
    thanks for sharing your day