söndag 27 februari 2011

Creative Cowgirls.


Are you ready for the beach or do you wanna go to Hawaii? Anyhow, lets get tropical!

Thats our challange over at creative cowgirls. Tropical, the beach or hawaii.

Ooh, how i need some sunshine right now. Im so tierd of the dark and cold and SNOWY weather. I have had enough off it for the moment.
 Actually my least favourite month are februari, it feels like its so looong to spring and its so cold and dark. Usually we always travel to the sun in Februari, but this year my hubby has too much going on at work, so no sunshine for me, yet. 
So i guess i have to dream myself away a little bit, and what better way to do it than trying to make a beautiful tropical card with this wonderful image called "Eva the mermaid" that i got from michelle perkett studio. Shes our sponsor for this challange.

Just look at this wonderful mermaid...

I tryed to make the card go in the colors of the sea. The turqouse is the water, the green is the seagrass and the coral will go for the tropical coral reeves.
Under the image i added a doilie heart and some lace..
Dont now if you can see the pearls hanging from the bow?

The sentiment says "Focus on the journey, not the destination". I think thats such a good saying. Its so, so true, sometimes we worrie too much about the future that we forget to enjoy what we have here and now. Tomorrow will always come, enjoy the way there.

I made a swirly flower and put a brad in the center, some other flowers and i attatched a pin with a big pearl in to it. and some bling, bling.

here we have eva. I colored her with copics and dressed her up with some pearls.

So, let me see you get tropical!. I now so many of you out there are shivering in the cold and stumbling around in the dark ,lol, let us dream away a little bit. Sunshine, beach, hawaiii, here we come! and for the rest of you, who already have the sunshine in your life, Enjoy it!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

hugs bettina

Im entering this too

Craft Us Crazy monthly sponsor- The cutting cafe


 The cutting cafe. is one of the amazing  monthly sponsors over at craft us crazy.

We were all so lucky to be offered a set of printables from The cutting cafe.
All of the DT members has made all kinds of different projects to inspire you during the month of Februari.

I chose to use the printable set called "This cake is all heart". I was blown away how much fun stuff the set included.
I decided to use the cake shape, just becouse i had the perfect dp to go with it.

I did it really simple. Just printed the shape on my dp and decorated it.

Heres my cake shaped card...

I decorated it with some lace, flowers, white hearts, bows and a little swirly bling.
and off it went to my mothers cousin.

Thank you the cutting cafe for providing me with the printable set!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Hugs bettina

fredag 25 februari 2011

DWA Wischful thinking

Hi again!

This is my second post for today.

Now im here to tell you about the new challange over at digis with attitude.
This weeks challange is called Wischful thinking, and what this that meen?
Well, where do you wisch you where right now?

I wisch i where in the djungel, deep in the amazons,lol. I really do, we have a little plan to go to Brazil and from there in to the deepest djungel. What a wonderful adventure that would be.
But now we have to wait a little bit, we have to wait till our little princess is little older. A one year old in the djungel, naaaa, think not.

Heres my card, "Its a djungel out there"...

I didnt have any orange flowers but i did find some orange paint that i used to paint the flowers with.

here we have Mikey the monkey.

i cut some branches to make it look a little like the tree branch that Mikey is hanging in.

Have fun with the challange and dream away, where do you wisch you where right now?

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too
http://colourcreatechallenge.blogspot.com/-fruits, orange, kiwi, coconut

Hi there...

Good morning!

Hi all!
Its Friday again, time really does fly by. It feels like yesterday that i told you how much i love Fridays and that Friday is my fav day of the week., and now its here again.
We are going away an a little mimi vacation tomorrow. Just taking in on a hotel for one night. Me my hubby and our little princess.
We are going to a town nearby, they have this huge water adventure place there, i think its swedens biggest water adventure place, so that can be fun, and our daughter loves to splasch around in the water.
Im not really looking forward to put on the bikini. I dont now but after all my operations my stomach looks like wordwar 2,lol. Thinking about doing some laser operation to get ride of all the scars i have.
dont now if its worth it, have too look in to that properly before i do anything.
Anyways, i think we will have a fun time, swimming and playing and then sleeping in an hotel with room service, oh, and the breakfast...yummy. Just have to forget about the tummy and have fun.

Now im babbeling on again, i now, gotta stop that,lol.
We have a really fun challange for you over at prairie fairy fridays, inspiered by a song.
There is so many wonderful songs out there so i had a hard time choosing, but when i saw "Pretty Gillian" i new what song i would choose.
Its a Swedisch song called "Hej på dig, Monika" witch meens "Hello there Monika".
He sings about a girl named Monika and i think she looks something like this....

I have a few of theese wonderful handmade doilies, i dont now if this one is prima or one that my mother made me.

You have to go and see what my teemies, the other princesses have made, they are all so talanted.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too
http://mosdigitalchallenge.blogspot.com/-handmade flowers (the doilies)

torsdag 24 februari 2011

Sweet Pea


I have a crusch!

I have been druwling about theese wonderful sweet pea stamps for a long time now. looking at cards and getting amazed about the beauty.
I so wanted to by me some but i have to admit that i was a little sceard.
why you ask? well, i didnt think that my coloring would do theese lovely images justice.
but then i tought, what a heck, ill give it a try.
I bought me a bunch of sweet pea stamps and started to create.
And now im in loooove.

I just love to color and create with sweet pea.
I saw that they are having a DT call and i just have to try out, becouse i love the stamps and it would be so wonderful and fun to be able to create with theese stamps, and i would be so honored to be in the team.

Heres my cards for trying out for the DT...

Now i just have to keep fingers and toes crossed that they like my cards.

Wisch me luck!

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too:

http://www.createwithconnieandmary.com/- insp photo (the second card)

onsdag 23 februari 2011

Southern Girls. Brads, gems or dewdrops.


Its time for another fab challange over at southerngirls challenges.

this time we have an easy one for ya. We want you to use some brads, gems or dewdrops on your projects.
Told ya, easy peasy.

I have to tell you, im not a big fan of brads. i dont now why really, but im hardly ever using my brads, but i do buy them, a lot,lol.
Well this time i challanged myself to use some brads, so i did, a whole 2 of them, hi, hi,

Heres my card....

I used a cute bildmålarna image that i colored up a long time ago, shes sooo cute
. I painted all the edges with white crackle paint and then i couldnt stop. I started to paint the edges of everything, the ribbon, the swirls...lol, but i think it did give a nice effect.
Can you see my brads? they are there, in the middle of the photo turns.

oooh!, i looove this lace heart...

and this lace butterfly.

so lets see what you can come up with.

Have a wonderful evening.

hugs bettina.

im entering this too:
http://resqchallenge.blogspot.com/-what makes you happy?-flowers

lördag 19 februari 2011

wink wink ink, Togheter.


I did this card last night, and i meen night. This card was done about 2 o clock in the middle of the night. I would have stayed up longer crafting but my babygirl woke up, so i had o go do some formula and put her back to sleep.
She wouldent stay in her own bed so i took her to our bed and was supposed to just wait until she went back to sleep.

I dont now what happend, cause i woke up and it was 8 o clock in the morning. well i just jumped up went down and put on some coffee. I had no problems choosing clothes, i was already fully dressed from yesterday,lol.

The whole thing was kinda funny,(ever happened to you?) and now im sitting here doing this post. (didnt even have to put on the computer, it was already on.)

Anyways, on with  my card.

The lovely image is from .wink wink ink and is called Rainy day friends.
There is a sentiment to go with it too that says " Rainy days are always better when spent with a friend".
I was going to add the sentiment to my card, but after putting on all my embellies i couldnt fit it anywhere, lol, thats so typically me, forgetting to leave some space for the sentiment,lol.

I tryed to do a little nature theme to go with the Image. I went with the colors green and brown. isnt that brown rose lace on the bottom just wonderful? I wisch i had some more of it. And i do like that green lace too. I punched out a little butterflie and added it down in the corner. I put a tag under the image and tied some ribbon and nature yarn on it. A little gold corner on top of the image was the icing on the cake.

The image is colored with copics. im still in practice and i think its so much funnier  to color with copics than with promarkers. The shadings looks better and i couldnt get it to work with the promarkers.

This flower was white from the beginning but i sprayed it with some walnut gold glimmer mist and then i added some green pearlmaker. I tought it went well to put a brown metal flower under it. I cut some prima wines, cause they remindes me of nature.

This is what im doing at nights over here,lol. Hope you like it.

Have a wonderful weekend

Hugs bettina.

im entering this too
http://etsyinspired.blogspot.com/-handmade cheramice salt pig, inspring green and sandy brown
http://resqchallenge.blogspot.com/-what makes you happy? Nature
http://paperissues.blogspot.com/-birds, bees or butterflies
http://anonymescrappere.blogspot.com- sång= jag vill bo i en svamp.

the secret is out!

I have been keeping a secret for a little while now. Finally i can reveal that im going to bling your life up once a month.lol.
Yep, thats right, I made the Bling it on DT, jihuuu!!!!

The DT is a bunch a really talanted ladies and our sponsors and prices.....ooooh, i so wanna tell you, but i cant, not yet, but i now you will bee over the moon about it. You just have to check out our 1st challange to find out.
Mark your calenders, march 1st.

See you at...

bling it on!!!

Off to do my Happy Dance,lol!

Hugs bettina.

fredag 18 februari 2011

DWA Cleaning.


Its finally friday!

I love fridays. I think its my fav day of the week. The whole weekend lies ahead of you. No early mornings and you can stay up late....crafting, Yeah!

Fridays also meens another challange over at Digis With Attitude!.

This challenge was a tough one for me.
I couldnt come up with any ides at all..Its not called a challenge for nothing,right?
oh, you wanna now the challenge theeme?
well the theeme this week is....

After thinking long and deep, i come up with an ide about the desing, and you now me, i just had to try to put my ide on to paper. The hard part was to come up with something that has to do with cleaning.
So i was thinking water, thats something you need for cleaning, right?
Lets say that anyways.

Here you have my little experiment, and i used mermaid tween, i really like her.

Do i deare to show you my card?

ok, here it comes....like i said, i got a picture i my head how i wanted it too look.
It doesent look excactly the way i had in mind, but the ide i had looks something like this....

I wanted the georgeous ribbon go all around the image, like a frame.and then i added the pearls...

Here we have mermaid tween, shes so cute.

Here you can see the 3d. I added som  flowers. I used some stamps from magnoila. Shells and seagrass stamps. and i added some magnolia bling on both sides too. Some pearlmaker around the whole card. and a sentiment, i think its from cutting cafe.

Ok, now im so excited to see what you can come up with.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Hugs bettina.

Im entering this too:
(coming soon)

torsdag 17 februari 2011

Craft Us Crazy # 2 brrrrr, its cold outside!


This two weeks has flown by so fast. its alredy time for craftuscrazys second challange, jippieee!!

I want to thank everyone who joined us in our 1st challange. you made our 1st challange extra special.

For this weeks challange the theeme is "Winter".We want to see anything that remindes you of WINTER, and boy is it winter here in Sweden. Snow everywhere and "brrrr...its cold outside" -20c. I dont wanna go out there at all, just sit in here and do my craft, so thats excactly what im doing,lol.

We all got some cute images from meljens designs that also is this weeks sponsor.
Just look at this cute little owl called cozy winter owl.

isnt he a cutie?

some flowers and i love that big pin

In the bow i hang a little jewelery.

We also have two monthly sponsors for februari.


Dont forget that our top 3 will be put in a drawing at the end of the month, to win a terrific prize from one of our monthly sponsors

so off to craft with you all now. let go of that vacuumer and leave the disches, the dust and the disches wont go anywhere, i promise.
By the way, did you now that the dust in the corners are the angels slippers!

Im going to use this post to let everybody now that my e-mail has been stolen. And i had so much in there, so much information and other stuff that i really need. Im hoping that i somehow will get it back. I just HAVE to get it back. i tell you, i normally dont use bad words, but you schould have heard me last night (or maybe not,lol).
I just wanted to say that my e-mail at the moment is...bettinabillung@yahoo.se. If someone needs to get a hold of me.

see ya!
Have a wonderful evening.

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too:
http://www.craftsandme.co.-anything with wings

söndag 13 februari 2011

Happy birthday OSAAT!

Hi again!

This is my second post for today. for the creative cowgirls challenge scroll down.

Happy b-day to you, happy b-day to you! thats right! one stitch at a time is having its 1st birthday on valentines so we are having a b-day party going on.

So lets PARTY!

the challange theem for this week is to "Pretty it up". Lace, ribbons, flowers, bling. Think of it like you are going to a special party so ofcourse you wanna pretty your self up.
You now when you are doing your makeup and putting on that fancy dress, and then adding the  bling as a final toutch . ha, ha, some explanation, but i think you all get it,lol.

I have been wanting to do a cupcake for a long time now, and this was the perfect occasion
I meen whats a b- day party without the sweets? so im doing the deserst at this party. anybody want some cupcake?
here you have it...

i added some wild orchid roses in different colors

some ribbon. the white ribbon i crinkled on my own.

a little diamond stickles, for the bling.

heres the pul up tag with a image from stitchy bear stamps called ala mode.
She was so perfect with the cupcake on her plate.

we have 5 sponsor for this challange,wohooo!

Be sure to check out all the dts and creators blogs. Not only will you see some fab creations, some of them have some candy and freebies to offer too.

Hope my cupcake tasted good,lol.

have a wonderful day and happy valentines to all of you.

Hugs bettina.

Im entering this too
http://etsyinspired.blogspot.com/-the bag with bright dots in cirkles.

Creative Cowgirls. hearts + Blog hop


Welcome to creative cowgirls challange # 7!

First off i wanna thank each and everyone that entered and played with us in our last challange.
I love to go and see all that beautiful things you all do. we have some amazing talant out there, and thank you for all the inspiration you all give me.

Today we are having a special valentines blog hop and our theme for the challange is hearts on your creations.

all the DT got some beautiful images to work with from dz doodles.

I got this beautiful heart dress and the moment i saw it i got an ide. I wanted to try to make it fancy and colorful and a little bit vintage. so i printed the image out and started to experiment,lol.
I had this picture in my mind, how i wanted it to look.
I often get ides and images about how i want it to look, but to get that image down to paper isnt always that easy. Sometimes it works and sometimes i doesent.lol.

I had this beautiful prima paper, but i was alittle afraid to start working with it. its really, really beautiful, but oh so hard to work with, atleast for me. thers so much color, but i was thinking... what a heck ill go for it
dont now what i think of this experiment, im letting you all be the judges, what do you think.
well ,the part making it colorful was a success, cause color there is, Gold, red, yellow,pink, brown and green.

The challange is...put hearts on your creation. so i started off by putting a big gold heart underneth it all. Then i added the image that i colored with copics.

I added a whole lot of flowers in different colors. i painted them with a little bit of twinklings to get a little shimmer.

I tied a bow with this beautiful brown ribbon, added a gold button.

lets hear what you think. is it success or is it a total mess, lol.?

We have 2 sponsors this week.

dzdoodles and craftyribbons.

For all the prizes and the bloghop list go to creative cowgirls challenge blog.

Lets see hat you do with your hearts.

Have Fun!

Hugs bettina

im entering this too:
http://pixieduststudiopixiechallenge.blogspot.com/- be my valentine
http://cutecardthursday.blogspot.com/-hearts and flowers
http://www.craftyourpassionchallenges.blogspot.com/-anything goes
http://alteredalice.blogspot.com- dress form

fredag 11 februari 2011

Prairie Fairy, All in the fine print


I say it again, i looove Fridays!

Welcome to another challange over at Fairy Fun Fridays challange.

This time we have a really fun challange for you. The theme is "all in the fine print".
That means to use scripture somewhere on your creation.
Maybe its on your DP, embossing, stamping, whatever you can come up with.

Heres my card...

My fineprint is all in the dp...
the dp has words of love and friendship on it that says love, tenderness, happiness, longing, friendship all in Swedisch

Here we have Twinkletoes colored in copics and i added some stickles on her wings and dress...

I did a bow and tied a key around it with some lace...

a side wiew where you can see that the image pops out a little, i cut her out and put some 3d foam under her .I used one of my new dies to put her on. Ofcourse i added some flowers that i added som stickles on  and some white pearls.

Dont forget to check out the rest of the DTs Fairy Princesses beautiful work.

Im entering this too:

DWA How do YOU do it?


Finally Friday!
I love fridays, that meens weekend.
Today we have a fun challange for ya ovet at digis with attitude.
Its an How do YOU do it challange.
we want to see you make it "poofy".

All the girls in the DT used camp tween for this challange
Heres my card

The poofy thing is the gold dots in the flowers that i made with pearl maker.I put some metal flowers under the prima flowers.

I think the papers are Basic Grey but im not sure. I never right down what it is im using on my cards, maybe i schould.

I colored the tween with copics. Im still practising and trying to find out what papers that works best, its a djungel out there.

This was a really tuff challange for me. Got me thinking really hard.
Lets see what you can come up with.
Hop over to digis with attitude challenge blog to see what great sponsors and prices we have for this challange.

have FUN!

Hugs bettina.

måndag 7 februari 2011

Im free...


Today im sharing this card with you, and the beautiful image is from wink wink ink.

I wanted the card to reflect the feeling  of beeing free.
Just like a butterfly, free to fly wherever you want, to find the most beautiful flower and sit there for awhile, and then just fly to the next beautiful flower.
can you feel it?

Some blues, white and a little pink.

a closeup of the adorable butterfly, i colored him with copics...

flowers, pins and pearls...

a side wiew...

Have a wonderful Monday.

hugs bettina.

im entering this too:

lördag 5 februari 2011

Craft Your Days Away GDT


Today i have the privilige to be a GDT over at craftyourdaysaway.. tjohoooo!!!

The challange is a pic inspiration.

and the sponsor is...

Look at that yummy cake.

I wanted to do someting yummy or something that i can put the yummy in.Im going to give it away for valentines. i havent decided yet who the lucky reciever is, but i think i will give it to my mom.
 I decided to do a little braided basket to fill with yummy.
Who doesent love chocolat?

Heres my braided basket.....

I will be doing a lot more of theese. perfect for easter thats just around the corner
The braiding took me a while to do but i think the 1st one is always the hardest.

I used one of my new stamps. the lovely angelica fairy, isnt she beautiful.
I colored her with promarkers. I have my copics now but cant get it to look good. I dont now if this looks to good either but then you can imagine how it would look with copics. Im having troubles getting the shadings look right. well, i guess i just have to practise, practise..and by me some more copics.

Here we have another pic from another side..

If you wanna now how i did it just ask and ill try to explain or maybe do a tut, will see, if anybody is interested and i have never done a tut before so...

Hope you like my little braided basket, and thank you craft your days away. for having me as a GDT!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Hugs bettina

Im entering this to: