torsdag 31 mars 2011

Craft Us Crazy- Easter/Spring

Hello everybody!

Im so tiered today.
On Tuesday night my cat decided to deliver 4 beautiful and cute little babies.
At 4 a clock in the middle of the night/morning her contractions started.
and shes so funny, she wants me to be near her and massage her tummy, so i had to be the midvife for her.

It really hurts me when shes in pain and i cant do anything to help her.
She screamed so loud that hubby and my 15 year old son woke up.
That was so terrible and she almoust like got in a panic, because she was in so much pain.
But everything went well, and now she has 4 healthy and cute little ones.
Ill show you some picks very soon.

Oke, on with the challange...

Its time again, for a fun challange over at craft us crazy, and for this challange we want to see Easter/Spring projects.

Our sponsor for this challange is peggy loves vintage. i just love all her vintage images, and the lucky winner will get 5 cutouts of choice. what a great prize!

and our monthly sponsor is stampfairy..

Heres my card with a cut out from peggy loves vintage.

I made a box card.
I saw this card on mariannes blog, and it looked so fab, so of course i had to try one.

Its a little box with a card in it. as you see in the pic you can fold the card out.
its fasten in the box with a brad down in the right corner (you cant see the brad)

and in the card i have made a little tag.
on the tag i have put a nice little spring poem.

Last pic,lol. here you can see all the different parts.
Isnt this card box a really clever ide?

Hope you liked it and got inspiered to maybe make one of your own.
I will definetly make many more of theese.

Have a wonderful day and see you at craft us crazy.

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too:

tisdag 29 mars 2011

Creative Card Crue. "card for a child"


This is my 1st DT card for creative card crew, I got so happy when Janna asked me to be on the team.

Im in team 1 and for this weeks challange the theme is, "card for a child".
and we are sponsored by stitchy bear stamps.

Heres my card...

i used this cute little unicorn from wee stamps, found me so many wonderful images from there.
but i tought this one was good for a child card.,or actyally, they all are.
So once again i had problems choosing an image.
 Oh, theese tuff decisions we scappers have to make, huh?, lol.

The sentiment says something like "little cutie"

The dp is from a 6x6 paperpack from prima called sweet fairy.
a lovely paperpack.

a close up...

some woc flowers and a little bling.

i think this was the fist time i used a dewdrop.

oke. now its your turn. cant wait to see all those cute "for a child" cards

Have a wonderful evening!

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too:

söndag 27 mars 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

My beloved dad.

This is my Dad.
he was a kind of person that could make everybody smile.
you now some people has that aura around them, that just by beeing there they can light up a whole room,
my dad was like that.
he didnt even have to say anything, but you could feel him whenever he was around, and it was a good feeling.
he always made jokes, and he loved the rude ones,lol, just like me.
we are so alike, me and dad. we look the same and we think the same, and always laughted at the same things.
so often when he told a joke we stood there laughing our butts of and the rest of the croud didnt even get the joke, and when there was a really good joke we could laugh at it for hours,lol.

he loved singing, dancing and playing hes piano. he was really good. when he was younger he had a band and they played at all the big cruise boats. so i think that where he is now, in heaven, he has a band and are playing and singing and people are dancing and apploing him. i think he is having the time of his life up there.
i remember when i was little i always danced on his toes. we walsed, tangoed and discoed. i loved doing that.
and now when im older we sometimes sang togheter on the phone,lol, we had a few songs that we often sang togheter, oh, i miss that so much, singing togheter.
he sang at my wedding and i sang our special song at his funeral.

my dad is turning 65 today, only 65. he died way to early.. I guess that god has a plan but for me it was too early, he was only 63. he died 1 year and 2 weeks ago. i remember when i got that call.
i talked to him on Thursday and everything was just fine and on friday i got that terrible call.
He past away so suddenly, without any warning, he has never been sick or anything, so i still have such a hard time understanding and believing that he isnt here no more.
I still pick up the phone, about to call him, and then i remember...

I just want to tell you dad that I LOVE YOU so much and i miss you so much.
Sometimes i dont now what to do whith all the emotions, feels like i cant handle it.
But i guess im going to get thru it, but at the moment it feels like i will never heal, never be happy again cause i miss you too much. I feel like saying, please come back, but i now that you cant.
Im so happy that you met your granddaughter Melinda. I now how much you loved her.
she was your little monkey.


heres a few layouts that i have managed  to make before...
the first one took me ages to make, and its filled with my tears...

"Beloved dad"
This is from last christmas. My dd refused to let go of granddads

This is the flowers that was on his coffin...

The poem/song is so beautiful, and its called Dream big...

"When you cry be sure to dry your eyes,
cause better days are sure to come.
When you laugh be sure to laugh out loud,
cause it will carry all your cares away.
And when you pray, pray for strength to help you carry on
when the troubles come your way.
And when you dream, dream big,
as big as the ocean blue, cause when you dream,
it might come true"

hugs bettina

lördag 26 mars 2011

Fairies and angels...


I was so happy when i was asked to be a guest designer for one stop craft challenge. jihuuu!
Me and a bunch of very talanted ladies have made some lovely projects using fairies and angels.
yep, the theme is fairies and angels
I love that theme, its perfect for me. the only problem i had was choosing witch stamp to use,lol.
I gathered all my fairies and angels togheter ,and boy, do i have fairies and angels. i guess we all do
At the end i chose this cute little stamp from bildmålarna called "you and me" just had to ink her up, shes so adorable sitting there with her little teddybear.

I decided to to a paperbag bag, is that what its called?
I saw this somewhere on the blog, i gotta start writing down all the places where i find my inspiration, but theres so many out there, and some things just stays in my head, like this paperbag.

I took a paper bag and cut it in half (just about) then i pulled out my dies and cut out two to put on the sides of the bag and then just decorated it. I tought it was a wonderful ide. And so easy to do.

Heres my paperbag...

I decorated my bag with, two doilies, the one thats underneath i sprayed with blue glimmermist, but it got to blue so i put another heart doilie on that one,lol.
I used some beautiful dp from Inkido, well i guess you cant see it underneath all my embellies,lol
Its the first time im using seambinding,( not sure how to spell that) what a wonderful product that is, now i understand why everybody is using it. I tryed to do a double bow, and little "mimosa"(thats the cute stamps name) is sitting on it.
Some of my new flowers from woc and a little charm.
oh, i almoust forgot the pearls, its really the "tip of the iceberg" lol.
What i meen is "the icing of the cake" but a few month ago i didnt now how to say it in englisch, so i had a few blogging friends laughing at me when i said the iceberg thing,lol.

heres some more pics...

Heres the bow and the flowers, i forgot to mention the pins...and that white curly thing, i just love them.

A close uop of Mimosa, isnt she just the cutest thing ever?

Im so excited to see all of yours fairies and angels projects.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs bettina!

Im entering this too: riviera fabric flower necklace

fredag 25 mars 2011

Prairie Fairy, oh so spring!

hello blogland!

Friday is here, again, where dos time fly.
Its true what mummy always says, the older you get, the faster time flyes.
I just gotta stop sometimes and enjoy the moment, not let the good moments pass me by.

Sometimes im in such a hurry and i am running around so i dont see all the beautiful things around me.
Im realizing that i dont want to miss that, like all the little things my babygirl does every day, shes growing so fast.
I just wanna stop and suck in every little thing.
How she feels, how she smells, everything, just stop and hold her for a while, watch her and memorize everything, so i always can remember.

Theres so much going on in my life right now. On Sunday it will be my dads birthday, he would have turned 65. its a year ago he passed away, theres so much i didnt tell him, so much i missed taking in.
just wisch i would have stopped for awhile, taking the time to say how much he meens to me. how much i love him.

im i getting too sentimental now?
sorry! just putting down in words the feelings i have right now.

Spring is on its way, yeah! Spring is such a wonderful time of the year. Everything dead is waking up to life again, so you see, there is life after death.
This year im going to watch it, see every little thing come to life, enjoy it, breeathe it in.

The challange over at prairie fairy fridays is just Oh so spring!
and here is my card...

I made a pocket candy card,lol. With a little tag. 

Heres the tag with Robertas beautiful freesia image.

Dont forget to enjoy every little moment!

hugs bettina

Im entering this too:

torsdag 24 mars 2011

Southern girls, add an animal.


Wednesday night and time for another challange over at southern girls.

For this challange we want you to add an animal on your project.

all the girls in the team got some cute little bears from teddy bo, and i got this cutie called bea.
Its not my strongest side to color animals, so i was a little worried about if i would do her justice.
I think she got a little too dark, if shed been a boy bear shed look good, but shes a women, doing her gardening.
But i have the perfect excuse to why she looks so dark, yep, you got it, ofcourse she has gotten a tan beeing outside poking in her little garden, so thats why shes so brown ,lo

Once again i used one of my new dies, i now, sounds like im always using a new die, but until a few month ago i only got 2 i think, so i ordered me a bunch of dies, and they do make a big difference on your card.
Some dp that i have had for awhile and i cant remember the name or manufacturer,sorry about that.
I tought it looked a little springy and at the moment i like all springy colors, guess its becouse i so want the spring to come now, so tyered of the snow.
 Not much snow left now. a few more sunny days and it will all be gone, yeah!

I also added a heart shaped doilie that i sprayed with chalkboard glimmer mist, "peacock"

oke, close your eyes,lol, cause here comes a close up of teddy bea.
Shes really cute...and brown.

Flowers, flowers, flowers, i looove flowers,lol. especially theese tulips from magnolia.
added a little ticket too. I dont now who to give this card too just yet, so i left the ticket blank for now.

more flowers. i really like theese brown branches too, or i call them branches, got them from one of my swedisch scrapping stores, just wisch i had got me some more.

oke, thats all from me folks!

want to wisch you all a lovely night.
Yep, its 02.00 clock over here, so just a little more blogging then off to bed.
natti, natti!

hugs bettina.

Im entering this too:

tisdag 22 mars 2011

A special story...for Haeli!


Good evening bloggers! How are you all?
We have some beautiful spring weather here in sweden.
The snow is melting away and the birds are beginning to sing. The sun is shining and i actyally had to put my sunglasses on today, oooh, i love it.
Im just waiting for all the spring flowers to pop up from the ground.
I have already started planting some flower seeds and they are growing fast in the kitchen window.
Soon, very soon, i will be out there in the garden digging in the soil, putting down my little baby plants.

This is my first  DT card for my grafico.
And this week the DT used a digiset called up, up and away from sanqunetti-designs.

Heres my project...

I really like this set with the different air balloons, the clouds and all the sentiments.
There was so much to choose from so i had a little hard time deciding what to use,lol.
But i ended up using this air balloon witch i colored with copics.
I used this cute cloud dp, it was perfect. I put a cloud under the balloon, then i added some beautiful lace all around. Underneath it all i put some white ribbon so i could make a big bow to tie it all up.

Inside i put one more cloud and i made a little pocket and added the sentiment "reach for the sky" on it.

A special story...

I read a sad and special story the other day, on michelles scrap blog.
Its about a little girl called Haeli who is fighting cancer.
Shes in 6th grade and she is interested in art and shes quite talanted too.

Im going to send her this card. the little pocket i will fill with some stickers, embellies and some other things that i might find. Maybe for a moment we can take her mind of her illness.
If you wanna join in the card drive for Haeli, all the info you need you will find on michelles blog.

I cant even imagine how i would feel if someone of my babys got sick, it must be so terrible. So im praing for Haeli and her family for strengh in this fight.
I really cant find any words, and dont now what to say, i just feel so sad.
Ofcourse ill make her a card, i would make a thousend just to put a smile on her face, even if its only for a second.

Hope you all join this card drive for Haeli.

Have a great Tuesday evening.
hugs bettina

Im entering this too:,pale red,pale green

torsdag 17 mars 2011

Want some yummy cupcake?


Its thursday again, and i like that cause that meens another challange over at craft us crazy and that Friday soon will be here. As you all now by now, Fridays is my fav day of the week, and tomorrow will be a little extra special.
We are going away for a little mini vacation over the weekend. We are going to Swedens biggest animal park. We will be staying at the hotel and be going on a safari, going up really close to the wild animals and ofcourse not to forget the hotels big spa and great swimming pools. Oh, its so well needed, some fun familytime, guess i have to pack a little, with a baby theres always so much to think about when your packing, even tho its just for a couple of days.

Oke, on with this weeks challange witch is Cupcake and/or celebrations.
The sponsor for this week is limited runs stamps and look at this delicious cupcake they gave me to play with.

This is the 1st time i made a card like this, and i cant remember the name of it, i did yesterday but now its just gone,lol. is it a tree step card maybe? sorry,lol.
Well, it was really fun to do and much easier than i tought it would be.

Almoust everything on my card is chipboard.
i also used my new magnolia swirl die. i have been wanting one for ages (or ages, i been doing cards for 7 months, but it feels like ages,lol) and now i got it, jippiiee

doesent it look yummy?

To see all the prizes and what the rest of the DT made, head on over to craft us crazy.
and dont forget to go check out our monthly sponsor stitchy bear stamps.

Have a wonderful thursday!
hugs bettina

im entering this too: of something/chipboard

söndag 13 mars 2011

Some cards and challanges...


its Sunday, and that meens some cards from me and some uber fun and fantasic challanges for you, yeah!

I have two cards to show you today.
Earlier i have always done two seperate posts for my DT cards, but now i was thinking to put the two posts togheter.
I have no ide if its ok to do that or if it maybe gets a little confusing? or do i go and brake some rules now? i hope not,lol.

What do you think? how do you do it? do you do 1 post or do you do 2 posts?
Lets see how it goes, and how it looks if i do it like this, oke?

My first card is for one stitch at a time.

The challange this week is....Glitter and Gems.
ooh! what a lovely challange, i looove Glitter,lol

and heres my card....

I got theese beautiful tulips from blackberry lane, so ofcourse i wanted to make a spring card.
Ones again i painted all the edges on the dp with some white acrylic paint.
and i added some gold pearl maker around the edges too.
The Dp is from making memories "Flutter". 
The ribbon was white from the beginning but i sprayed it with some gold glimmer mist.
The white doilie is painted with some green crackle paint.

I just love that lace, do you see it? its cream colored and has some gold strings in it. Its beautiful.

I added a chipboard ticket instead of a sentiment, cause i dont now who to give it too yet so i had no ide what i wanted the sentiment to say,lol. So this was a good solution,i think.

Do i even have to say that i added some flowers?,lol. I always do, dont i?

I loved coloring this tulips with my copics. And here you can see that i added a whole lot of copper stickles.
arent they beautiful?

and on this close up you can see the gold glimmermist on the ribbon.

That was my card. Now i would love to see yours.
and do po over to one stitch at a time to see what the rest of the lovely DT has made.

Im entering this too:

Oke, heres my second card for today, and its my DT card for creativecow girls.

This weeks challange is monochrome.
I have never done monochrome before.
If you dont now what it meens its to do a card/project in just one color, but in different shades.

I was thinking to do it pink, then blue, but when i saw this cute little bears from delicious doodles i decided to go brown.

and heres my card...

theres a whole lot going on here so im just going to tell ya that i had so much fun doing this card.
i used my tim holtz die for the first time.
i did a little flower cluster down in the corner. with a painted chipboard heart, i rolled up some note paper and put ribbon around it.

heres my little flower cluster...

and the card one more time.

It was a little funny, i had have some friends and friends friends,lol, coming and going this weekend.
and one guy stood looking at all my cards and then he pointed at this one and said;-how much?
eeeeh! well, what do you want to give? i said.
Im totally in looove with it, it looks like chockolat and i want it, he said.
wow, wasnt that funny,huh? and this came from a guy.
anyways, he bought it and was very happy, and so was i.,lol.

oke, now i would love to see your monocromatic cards.
i will definetly do monochrome again, cause it was really fun.

just a little reminder.... 

Don't forget!
We have a Spring/Easter hop coming up!
Great prozes and lots of fun!
Hop Begins March 27th!
There will be a fabulous basket of goodies available for someone who posts
 the badge (top of sidebar) on their blog and creates a post as well as adding it to their side bar!
$50.00 worth of fabulous fun prizes!
So grab the badge,
Make an announcement post to help us spread the word that includes the hop badge
Add the hop badge to your side bar
Leave us a message to let us know you have done so
Follow us along!
Thank you all for joining our crafty trail ride!
We love to see everyone's crafy paper art work!
Thank you to all of our followers who continue to support us na dto all of our new paper craft friends!

have a wonderful Saturday.
hugs bettina

im entering this too:

lördag 12 mars 2011

Thank you!


Its a wonderful Saturday evening here in Sweden. The sun is shining and it starts too feel a little like spring. i love it!.
Todays post is just a thank you post to all of you, my wonderful, talanted and lovely followers.

I just want to thank you all for all your wonderful comments you are giving me, it really meens so much to me. i cant even tell you. I cant believe that you all take the time from your busy life to come to my blog and have a peek at what im doing and leaving me comments. i now how much time that takes. and i also want to say that im sorry if i dont have had the time to come to your blog, leaving comments. i have had a little crazy weeks, so im doing this blogpost to show you my appriciation and to tell you that i love you!

Heres a little card i made...

Look! I made a card without flowers. It was such a challange for me, i dont think i have ever made a card without flowers,lol

I got this new stamp from crafts and me, Frosted rose, isnt she BEAUTIFUL?
I loooved color her.
and im in looove with her,lol

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Hugs bettina.

Im entering this too:

fredag 11 mars 2011

Prairie Fairy "Its my party" and some ribbon!

Hi all!

Yes! Its Friday! My fav day of the week. the whole weekend lies ahed and its time for some fun over at prairie fairy fridays

The theme for this weeks challange is "its my party". Fun, huh. dont we all love to party?

I did a card celebreating my hobby and all you other lovely crafters out there.

I was thinking about what party is for me. and realised that a Friday night, a quite house and a table full of crafting goodies is the way i like to party.
Sometimes i really prefer to sit home crafting instead of going out partying.
So, this card is for all us wonderful people who loves to craft.

This one is for YOU!

I used this beautiful flower branch (you can find it here) and colored it with copics.
The dps are my minds eye and pion design.
some lace and then the metal sentiment that says "Create"
I punched out some butterflyes and finisched it off with some white pearls.

I made a little flower cluster down in the corner and i added a lovely white heart pin in it.

Hope you liked my little celebreation card.

Its not over

Have you been over to  Really Reasonable Ribbon lately?

They are having a huge giveaway,for their ORGANIZATION WEEK, something i really need,
some ribbon organizers, yeah!
And they are wanting to see how we store our ribbons,( hmmm, do i really wanna do this?)

I meen look at my ribbons. Im really asheamed, im so sorry for this,
Warning: for all you sensitive persons out there, close your eyes,lol.

heres where i store my ribbons...

and my ribbon bucket.

My poor ribbons really need some help.
Dont ya think?

Have a wonderful Friday! see ya!

Hugs bettina.

im entering my card too:

torsdag 10 mars 2011

Easter/Spring hop the 27th March!

Help us spread the word.

We will be having a Easter/Spring hop on the 27th March.

Post this badge on your blog/sidebar and leave us a message that you did at creative cowgirls.

You can win $ 50.00 worth of gifts. YEEE HAAA!!!

hugs bettina

fredag 4 mars 2011

Prairy Fairy.....

prairie fairy designs is having a HUGE "Its my party" sale until Sunday midnight!

Happy Birthday Roberta!

torsdag 3 mars 2011

Craft Us Crazy # 3. Nature.


Welcome to challange nr 3 over at craft us crazy.

This weeks challange is all about ...NATURE!. What inspiers you about Nature? Is it the birds, the flowers, the trees ? We would love to see your interpretation of what the word NATURE meens to you.

We have a fab sponsor this week...cocodingo.

and our monthly sponsor for March is...stitchy bear stamps.

I have a friend who has a friend and her friends sister has a friend ,lol....and her little sister is turning 15 years old.
Shes a young girl who loves art, colors and glitter. thats what i was told when she ordered a card from me.
So i pulled my stamps out and found this beautiful sweet pea stamp...

I wanted the card to have much and bright colors, and i wanted it to be girly yet a little cool at the same time, not too cute, but a card that fits a artloving teenager.
I have no ide where this dp comes from, i had it in my stasch and just loved the bright blue color and the glittery swirls on it.
 A little lace, ribbon and flowers and Voila, im done.(that sounded like i just thru it togheter, but i didnt). Actyally it took me some time to get this card done. I dont no why, but i think i got a little nervous becouse it was a ordered card, witch i got paid for.
 I wanted the glitter to really show on the card so i chosed to put on some big lilac, glittery letters. I dont think i have ever used this big letters on a card before. im always using some small sentiments.

 I think sweet pea stamps are perfect if you love art, dont you think?

Just look at her, shes soooo beautiful.
I colored her with copics

and ofcourse some flowers, (woc and prima) and a little heart pin. the heart pin stands for the love between 2 sisters.
Im always doing that, when im making cards. every little thing or embellie has a meaning with it.
Do you do that too? 

Oke, thats all from me. Now i would love to see your nature cards.

(I just have to tell you a little secret too, this card is my 1st ever sweet pea card, and i loooved doing/color it)

Have a wonderful Thursday

Hugs bettina

im entering this too:

onsdag 2 mars 2011

My 1st...


Yesterday was the launch of bling it on challenges, and one of our two sponsors is LOTV.
All the DT girls made 2 cards. 1 KennyK And 1 LOTV, except for me.

The thing was that i didnt have any LOTV stamps, can you belive that?
So ofcourse i HAD TO do a little shopping, lol.

And now, finally, heres my 1st ever LOTV card...

I painted all the edges with white crackle paint, used my new die, a brown glitter swirl, flowers,lace, pearls and a butterfly, and of course some BLING (diamond stickles)

This little fairy is so sweet and lovely. i colored her with copics.

I made my own flowers and put a brad in the middle. Some woc flowers that i sprayed with glimmermist.

Hope you liked my first lotv card, i sure liked doing it.

Now im going to take a power nap while baby is sleeping, ill bet you that the second i fall asleep she will wake up, she always do,lol.

Have a wonderful day.

hugs bettina.

im entering this too: make it squere, handmade flowers, handcolored image, 2 or more dps, pearls.

tisdag 1 mars 2011

Bling It On!


To day is the big day. The launch of the new challangeblog  bling it on.
where we wanna see all that bling.

The first challage is "Anything goes" with the optional extra, to add a charm.

To help us celebreate we have two fantastic sponsors.

kenny k


Isnt that some amazing sponsors? who wouldnt wanna win some goodies from them?

and thats not all, we have some candy for you too, donated by Crafty Emmas store and One stop card craft.

The DT where lucky enought to get some images from KennyK to play with, I chose "Devilisch Diva".

shes both cute and sassy at the same time.
I colored her with copics. I used my die cut swirls for the first time and boy did i glitter them up,lol
The flowers are prima and woc. look at that beautiful prima butterfly, i love it!

I do hope you will join in with us all over at bling it on!
and pop over to see the WONDERFUL work of the rest of the DT.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too: fav embellie (flowers)