fredag 29 april 2011

Prairie Fairy, Midweek reminder


Friday is finally here again. wow how fast it came. guess becose of the short week. im kinda missing one day, i tought it was Thursday, so i got so happy whenn hubby told me it was Friday .

Today im here to remind you of the wonderful challenge over at prairie fairy fridays.
You still have about a week to enter, and the theemes "april showers brings may flowers".

and heres my card.

The dp are from a prima paper pack called Madeline.
I used my fence die for the first time too. I painted them with a little crackle paint.
the flowers are from woc, prima and my stash.
some lace and seembinding.
A little brad and last but not least a little ladybug.

the beautiful mixture of flowers.

this gorgeous image is called barrel planter, isnt it just beautiful?

now i just wanna wisch you all a wonderful weekend.

Hugs bettina

torsdag 28 april 2011

CUC- Flowers and/or Mothers day.


How are you all?

Im just fine except for that i slept the whole day away, the....did this happened?
and babygirl too, shes still sleeping. i gotta go wake her up, or she will be up all night, like yesterday.
Guess thats why shes still sleeping. She went to sleep about 3.30 in the morning. And what did mommy do when baby finally got to sleep?, well, you guessed right, went down to the craftroom,lol. so i got to bed about 5.30 in the morning, gotta stop doing this, i need my beauty sleep,lol.
so, im sorry if my post is a little late. Better late then never, right?

We have a new fun challange for you over at craft us crazy.
The theeme is mothers day and/or flowers. I went for the flowers theeme, cause i looove flowers.

We have 2 sponsors for this challange. meljens designs. and your next stamp.

and heres my card...

I got me some new Tildas the other day, so ofcourse i had to ink one up.
i went for Tilda with a strawhat....
The dps are create, such beautiful and colorful papers.
I painted all the edges with white crackle paint, and some paint got on the flowers too,lol, i think the effect is so cool.
some white lace and a few brads.
oh, and that laserut chipboard from mic, i use them on almoust everycard nowdays,lol, i do love them.
I sprayed it with some glimmermist and then i added a little glossy accent on it, doesent it give a nice touth to the whole card.
The flowers are from woc.
That metal frame down in the corner i found in my stash, it says "friend".

Isnt she a real cutie?

From the front...

here you can see the metal frame and my lovely flowers. i added a pin and some white things,lol. Sorry but i have no ide what you call them,lol. What are they called?

now, pop over to craft us crazy. and enter the challange, and you just have to see what the other DT girls have made, some beautiful creations.

Have a wonderful evening!

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too: april showers brings may flowers

I got me some new Tildas the other day

onsdag 27 april 2011

Creative Card Crue. "childsplay"

Hello everybody!

Hope everybody had a fantastic Easter holiday!?

First off i want to thank everybody for your nice and wonderful comments you give me. thank you so much for taking your time to come and visit me, it really meens so much to me.
from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You make me sooo happy and you all give me so much inspiration, and your words makes me wanna do even more, makes me wanna work even harder and do better.
and im so sorry if i havent been to your blog yet, but im getting there.

Me and my family was planning on going away for the weekend, but in the last minute we decided to just stay home and enjoy the fabolous weather. (in todays newspaper it said that it was a temperature record here in Sweden).
I think we had about 20c the whole weekend, and thats much beeing just April, almoust like a swedisch summer,lol.
Anyways, we just enjoyed the great weather and got a whole lot of gardening done, and i do think my nose looks a little redisch and actyally brown. no, the brown is not poop,lol,  its soil and a little dirt, from all the flower planting.
Hubby laughed at me when he came in to the garden house and said:-ha, ha thats what you get for beeing so nosey all the have no ide what hes talking about.

Hubby and bigbro got the motorcyckles to work, even my little oldie, yep, i own a little antic motorcyckle and i love it. first time i drowe it i was 8, so its really special to me.
Baby girl was all brown too,...and green, and yellow and... after playing around in the garden, and speaking of children playing...

We have a new challange for ya over at creative card crew. and this time the theeme is... childsplay.
(hi, hi aint i too smooth,huh, noticed how smoothly i got the challange in there in my little story?lol.)

We have a wonderful sponsor too, the stamping boutique., and look at this beautiful image i got to play with, its called carousel. I loved it the moment i saw it, its soo...magical.

And heres my card...

I made a little card with a pocket in it.
The papers are websters.
around everything i added sone lace. the flowers are from a lot off different places,lol. woc, kort o gott, my own stasch. some white ribbon and my new love = some lasercut chipboard corners from MIC.

Here you can see the inside of the card. In the pocket you can put a little toy or like me, a bag of kiddo crackers.

A clouseup of the image

flowers, flowers,

oki doki, thats all from me today.
hope youll play along with us.
i think its such a fun challange.
that you can interpitate(guess i spelled that wrong,huh?) in so many different ways.
and be sure the check out the rest of the DTs wonderful creations

thank you so much for taking your time to stop by me today.
Love ya!

big hugs bettina

im entering this too:

fredag 22 april 2011

April showers, brings May flowers!

Haaaappyyy Friiiiiidaaaay!

Spring is here! Yay! And its Easter Friday.
I already gave the easter eggs to my kids today, usually we dont do that until tomorrow.
but...they couldnt wait and to be quite honest, neighter could i,lol.

Im going to do a quicky post today, cause they are all waiting for me...we are going to watch the new harry potter and eat our easter eggs. I  can hear them right now- cmon mom, hurry up, we are starting the movie now.

 This Easter Friday we have a brand new challange over at prairie fairy fridays.
"April showers brings May flowers"

and here is my creation...

A card and a little wateringcan.

Heres just the card...

...and the can with a flower bucket in it.

a close up of the beautiful image witch you can find here.

Now i just want to wisch you all a wonderful and happy easter!

Hugs bettina.

Im entering this too: purple, blue and cream

torsdag 21 april 2011

Southern Girls, Blue and Green.


what a wonderful day we have had here today. almoust feels like summer, 17c and thats warm for beeing end of April, and im loving it.
So at the mo life is just fine, except for one little thing...

Yesterday night i sat here infront of my computer, as i do every night after baby gets to bed.
And i had my little bag of candy beside me, just like i have every night after baby gets to bed.
Yep, im sneaking around with my little candy bag, i pull it out when everybody else has gone to bed,lol.
I dont want to share my goodies with nobody, its mine!
No, im just kidding,lol. Its just becouse i dont want my baby to eat candy too often, thats why im sneaking around with it.

I was sitting here and enjoying my bloghopping, gosch you girls are sooo talanted, i see so much beautiful, jaw dropping creations out there, i just have to sa wow! you all are amazing.
All the suddenly it felt like my head was about to expload and a terrible pain hit me.
I felt something hard in my mouth and tought what a heck...the candy i just chuffed in my mouth wasnt a hard one. well, ofcourse i spit it all out,(hmm...too much information?) and guess what i saw? tooth!
Yep, i lost almoust a whole tooth and i promise you, it really felt like my head was going to expload, aoooh! it hurt, still does.
so...everything is just fine, except for...i dont have all my tooth left anymore, lol.

Anyways...i do have a card to show you, almoust forgot about that when rambeling on,lol.
Its my DT card for southern girls.

This time we have a color challenge for ya, GREEN and BLUE!. such a lovely color combination, dont you think?
We also have 3 sponsors.
I have used a image from meljens designs called fru fru fairy flora.

The papers i used is from bearlymine. 
Its my 1st time using her papers and oh, they are so wonderful.
The flowers are from woc and kort o gott.
some lace and seembinding (wonder if i spelled that right?)

This image was so fun to color and shes soo cute.

Look! i made a little lace flower. what do you think?,lol.

the sentiment down in the right corner says "wing to Wing", isnt that just perfect. 
Can you see the little bee hiding under my flower?

thats all from me today.
Now im going to go find me some painkillers, cause i have such a

Have a wonderful evening!

Hugs bettina.

Im entering this too:

måndag 18 april 2011

Spring/Easter bags.


Well its a new week and as they possibilitys.

Over at my grafico theres a monthly anything goes challange going on.

And this week we are featuring a cute set from stockberry-studio.

I made three little Spring / Easter bags.

I got this great ide...
I know our neighbours three little girls will come to the door on saturday, all dressed up as little chickens, lol.
So i made them theese little bags and i will fill them up with candy.

The girls on the back of the bags actyally looks a lot like my neighbours daughters, except for the greenisch hair,lol.  All three of them have long, curly, redisch hair.

Heres my little bags...

from the front...

and from the back...

I fastened the girls with sticky fastener, so that you can remove them and put them back on if you want to.

Heres the set from stockberry studios...

Have a wonderful Monday.

Hugs bettina.

Im entering this too:
Make it Monday- anything goes

fredag 15 april 2011

Fairy Fun Friday- Mid- Week reminder, Nursery rhyme.

Hi Everybody!

Its Friiiiidayyyyy! YAY!!!

You now i love Fridays.

Tomorrow we are going to my hubbys stepmom for some yummy lunch, mmmm, shes an awsome chef.
really looking forward to enjoy her yummy food.

On sunday hubby is turning the big 50, yep, i cant believe how fast time is flying by.
feels like only yesterday we fell in love, and got married.
I remember when i first met him. I tought hi was about 25 or something like that. Then when i looked at his driverslicens it said that he was 32. Hey! Your an old man, i shouted to him,lol.
But...his MY wonderful and lovely old man.
Im still in love with him, after all this time and alltho we have been thru some harsch times we still stick togheter , and i now we will, forever.

And you now how it goes..., after the first kiss and after all that marriage thing, most often its followed by babies, right?
Its not an easy thing beeing a parent.(tell me about it...I have one 15 year old and a 2 year old)
But one thing that can help is to now a good nursery rhyme when your rocking that little baby to sleep. and boy, sometimes we moms and dads need a little breake, dont we?

so...whats your fav nursery rhyme? or is there one that really inspieres you?
I have one that i think every sweede nows, and its called "vyssan lull".
thats the rhyme that inspiered me to make this little project...
(you can find a tutorial on mayas-blogg. She does some amazing things.)

I made this little prom...

I used some wonderful prima papers, oooh, they are so lusch.
Some beautiful butterflye brads on the sides and i added a little heart charm to it too.
In the prom you can see the blanket...

wich also is the little card...

and in the card we find little baby emily.
Isnt she just too cute?
I colored her with my copics.

You still have about a week to enter the challange over at Fairy Fun Fridays.

See you there!

Hope you all will have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too:

torsdag 14 april 2011

CUC- Hänglar in a trailer.


What a wonderful day i woke up too. The birds was singing and the sun is shineing.
Its really spring here in sweden now, sooo lovely!
And they are promesing even warmer weather + 16 degrees, yay!

Yesterday we eat our 1st lunch out in the backyard, it really felt like summer.
all the tulips and snowdrops are blooming, so beautiful.

Today Me and my mom and my dd Melinda have been outside doing some gardening.
And the one pulling the heavy load is Melinda, shes doing a good job helping out ,lol.
Shes so happy digging in the soil, and shes sooo dirty. But there is a saying ... "dirty kids are happy kids",lol.
Look at my little helper...

This pic is before she got all dirty...
mommys little cutie pie!

and this pic remindes me of the project i made for this weeks challange over at craft us crazy ,lol.

This weeks challenge is THINKING OF YOU w/SENTIMENT and/or ANIMALS!!!! Let someone special know you're thinking of them, or maybe just someone you know that's having a hard time and could use a smile...whoever it is, don't hesitate to give them that crafty hug! And what else brings a smile to someones face..well unless they're digging through your garbage or eating your copics...ANIMALS!!! They're wet little noses, furry lil faces and always forgiving hearts, can always manage to bring a smile to someones face!! So lets see what ya got!!
We want all crafters to feel welcome, so if your crafting medium fits our challenge, then we welcome you to join! Whether it be sewing, scrapbooking, altering, cardmaking, candle making, whatever!! We hope you'll be joining us!!

And this is what i did...

I made this little trailer...
Can you see the little kitten peeking from behinde?

Something a little different this time around.
With a little spring feeling to it.
and i tought that this cute little hänglar and stänglar girl would fit perfect sitting on the trailer and she needed a fun ride.
And i tought that the person who recieves it will think its fun and cute, so hopefully it will put a little smile on his/hers face, nope, i havent yet decided who to give it too, but it will be someone very special who needs a little cheer up, and i do have a person in mind.

Isnt she just too cute?

I colored her with my copics.

OOh, and that umbrella, lets not talk about it oke,lol.
it took me 3 days to finisch(at least it felt like that),lol, couldent get it right.
Maybe it would have been a little easier if i had have a template or something,  i only got a pic of it, but...i didnt give up  and i did get it done,lol.

Our sponsor for this challange is...robyns fetish.

so...cmon, jump on and take a ride with us over at craft us crazy.

ha, ha, im so funny!

Have a wonderful day!
hugs bettina

Im entering this too:

tisdag 12 april 2011

Sweet Pea!


Me again...
Yesterday (or was it the day before?) the postman brought me a big package, and guess what i got?
My sweet little Sweet Peas finally arrived, yay! It feels like i have been waiting for them forever, but actually the delivery went really fast.

I got sooo excited, couldnt keep my hands off theese sweet little stamps.
Ofcourse i had to ink one up right away, the only problem was to decide witch one to play with first,lol.

After a while i decided to play with this little cutie...Light of Beautitude, isnt she just beautiful?

The dp is from the Mariposa stack and i painted all the edges with white crackle paint.
In my stasch i found theese brown glittery chipboard swirls, i added some magenta stickles to them and put the swirls under all the flowers.
Most of the flowers are from Prima and from Woc.
I also added some beautiful white lace.

Look! Sooo beautiful! I had so much fun coloring her. I really love coloring sweet peas.

A little side wiew.
oh, i almoust forgot about the little butterfly down in the left corner, no its right, or is it left? lol. i guess it depends on if you stand behind or infront of the card, gee im analyzing too much now,lol.
anyways, i added a few white pearls to the punced butterfly. The punch i used is the Martha Stewart punch. Probably one of my best buys ever. Its so easy to use and it gives a beautiful result to the cards. so small (in size, not prize,lol) but with big difference.
 Its all about the small things in life, right

Hope you liked my little sweet pea card.?
At least i had a wonderful time playing with her,lol.

Wisching you all a lovely day!

Hugs bettina!

Im entering this too:, purple, green

Creative Card Crue. "Spring"


How are you all!
Here in Sweden we have a wonderful spring day today.
The sun is shining and i actyally sat in the backyard today trying to grab me some sun, and i think that i got some color on my cheeks.
I love when the nature is coming to life again.. All the flowers starts to pop up in the garden, oooh, this is so wonderful. Spring is finally here! yay!

And talking about spring. Our challange over at creative card crew is just SPRING.
Our sponsor for this challange is Robynsfetish and i have used this little girl called Daisy days.

The dp is from a prima paper pack called sweet fairy. some beautiful papers in that pack.
I have used my new Marianne die too. I really loove all theese different dies, makes me wonder how i ever could bee without them before, they really makes a difference on my cards.

Some flowers from woc and some lace, ribbon, seembinding  also got in there.
I used a whole lot of gold colored metal too. The metal corner, the beautiful fairy charm that i added to the little bow, and i put some metal flowers under the woc roses.
The swirl is from magnolia.

Here we have Daisy Day, and i colored her with my copics.

Nope, now im going to leave you with this fun challange, and im going to crab me a cup of coffe and go sit a while in the garden again and just enjoy myself in the sun.

Hope you all are having a wonderful and sunny day!

hugs bettina.

måndag 11 april 2011

Southern Girls, sketch, and a cutiepie!


im baaack!

Just wanted to tell you about our challenge over at southern girls.

For this biweekly challange that started on wednesday, we have a fun sketch for you to follow.
Dont we just looove sketches?

Heres the sketch, created by our very own tracy...

you can rotate it, flip it, rezice it, as long as we can recognice our sketch your good to go.

And heres my card that i whipped up...
(i really meen it, i dont think i have ever made a card this fast before,lol. I guess it took me 2 hours, usually it takes me days to finisch)

Actyally i havent followed too many sketches in my scrapping time, maybe two or three, so even tho it was really fun it was more challengeing (that was a tough word) than i would ever have tought.
It was not as easy as i imagined it to bee.
so, be nice, lol.

I have used websters dp, they are soo beautiful those papers.
They came in one of the kits that i get every month. everything exept the butterfly (and image,lol) is from that monthly kit.
I love it every month when theese kits arrives, they are always filled with beautiful papers and stuffed with wonderful embellies. i can really recommend this kit to you all. 
i often sit the whole evening just patting the papers and going thru all the stuff in there, not once, not twice but probably ten times,lol. (the kit club is called creative scrapbooking.) Its like christmas once a month, lol.

Look at this adorable little girl.
shes from sassy cheryls. and is called a flower for mom.
i really looove this image. The fun thing is that i had never heard of sassy cheryl before, and when i went in to the shop i cant believe what i have been missing out on, yet another digis i fell i love with, oh no, my wallet wont like this (or is it maybe hubbys wallet,lol)
I colored her up with my copics

Now i would need a little help from you all...

I found a new button on my picasa photo editing program. to make it blurry around the image. What do you think? witch pic looks best? this one or the other one ?
I cant make up my mind. I think on this pic the focus really goes to the Image.
but i like the other one too, when its crisp and clear.
but when you have a bunch of pics it can be fun to have one that looks a little different then all the others, or does it get too messy with all the different kinds of pics. What do you wanna see?
please tell me what you think.
I would be so greatful for that.

heres my last pic.

But i have something more for ya...

Something really cuuute...

Just look at this...

here my little kitten is 1 day old.
can you see her waiwing at you?
she says hellooooou!

and this is today...

my babies are cute and tiered.

With this cute images i hope i leave you with a smile on your face.

have a wonderful evening/ night

hugs bettina.

im entering my card too: for a young child

fredag 8 april 2011

Fairy Fun Friday- Nursery rhyme

hi !

Yay! Friday! and Fairy Fun Friday!!!
Yes its time for a new challange over at prairie fairy fridays.
and for this challange we want you to be inspiered by a nursery rhyme.

I was inspiered by a nursery rhyme called "vyssan lull" hi, hi, how funny it sounds in Englisch.

This is a song that i think every Sweed has sung sometime to their baby while rocking the cradle.
Everybody nows this rhyme over here.
I cant even begin to tell you what its all about, it got way too cpmplicated for me to try to translate it.
Lets just say its a well nown nursery rhyme oke, lol!

And heres my card...

I made a card with a little pocket where you can put something in. maybe a little penny or a tag, like i did.
Im going to write my message on the back of the tag.

The dp is from my stasch and i put on some flowers from prima and woc.

I  cut out some heart dies that represents the love you have for your baby and added some white pearls on the heart. Actually you can see the white pearls everywhere on my card.
I also added some white lace on the pocket and on the pocket i put some pearls.

Here we have little baby Emily and you can find her here. Can you see her earrings?

Some beautiful flowers...

and heres the tag too. I tied some ribbon and added a little heart charm on it. you can also see the sentiment on the pocket that says "tiny miracle".

I was thinking to give the card to a good friend who just got a little baby girl.

and some more

Have fun now with the challange, i did.
it was so much fun trying to find a good rhyme to be ispiered by.
so, see you over at prairie fairy fridays.!

Hugs bettina.

Im entering this too: