måndag 30 maj 2011


hi Friends!

Not feeling too good this morning. Actually feeling kinda terrible.
This weekend has been so tough. A few very bad and sad things come to my attention, witch has made me feel so sad phsycically and it also affects my fysical health.

Its nothing i feel like i can rabbel on here, not just yet anyhow.
It has to do with my son and something he has done that affects me in so many ways.
At the moment im feeling so sad and im in such pains, but, that will hopefully be resolved, cause i got an emergency appointment to the doctor today, phew.

Just wanted to tell you all this, so that you know why i have been so quiet.
First i wasent supposed to say anything but then i tought abot you all and decided that maybe its good that you all know that im a little low right now. you all meen so much to me and i dont want you to think that i dont care. my mind has been somewhere else right now, so im so sorry if i havent been by and said hello to you all, i just dont have the energy right know. Cant even make a card,and its not even fun to color, then its bad  right,lol.

well, enough wining. I do have a card to show you, yay!
Its my dt card for the wonderful Whoopsie daisy challange. And for this challange we want to see you use some ribbon and lace.

Heres my card...

I used this cute little fairy from sheet nr 243, isnt she just sooo cute?
The dp is crate paper.
and once again i used one of my new dies and placed my image on it. I bought me a whole bunch of those dies, i meen it was impossible do decide with ones to buy, the are all so lovely.
flowers from woc and my stasch.
some wonderful white lace and a home made pin.

a close up of the beautiful little fairy...

my pin...

and some flowers...
notice that yellow flower?
Thats my ribbon.
Cause i cut it out from some webster ribbon.
So...i have both lace and ribbon on my card,lol.

Thats all from me.

Thanks so much for coming by today and have a wonderful day!

Hugs bettina.

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fredag 27 maj 2011

Embrace the journey!

Hi Friends!

how are you all doing?
Im just fine except for the boring weather we have had for a few days. Rain, rain, and rain.
I wisch it could be a real storm and a lot of thunder and lightning if its gonna be like this then let it be all in,lol.
Im a girl who loves storms and the thunder. i get so excited and i love the adrenaline boost i get from it,lol. am i  really crazy? Well maybe i am a little crazy? just like you all, ha, ha! come on admit it, whats your crazy love? I told you mine, its thunder and lightning.

Hmmm...i have no ide how im going to get my story to fit the challange,lol. I was just supposed to talk a little about the weather, witch has nothing to do with our challange over at craft us crazy.

The theeme this time is Remembrance and/or Love and its in honor of Memorial day.

We dont have memorial day here in Sweden but i tought i make a card in remembrance of my beloved dad.
I wanted to make a bright and happy card, not a sad one.
well, i guess im able to get my little thunder story to fit the theeme anyways, cause my dad loved the thunder too, i guess i got my love for it from him.
 I remember that when i was little and when we got a real thunderstorm, me and dad run out to the yard, running around in the pooring rain, singing and laughing,lol. but when the thunder got to loud we ran up to the patio. And the we sat togheter, enjoing the lightning and counting how far away the thunder was.lol.
Oh dad! I miss you sooo much. I still ask the question, WHY? Its 1 year and 2 months ago he past away, and i still cant believe it.

anyways, on to my card...

I used this beautiful and happy image from wee stamps. all of her images are just so lovely.
the papers are from jillibean soup, bright and colorful.
The flowers are from woc and my stasch.
I used one of my new dies too, i love those dies. Im still a newbie using dies, so im still oohing and aahing when i use them,lol.
A little white seembinding that i sprayed with blue mist.

I colored the image with my copics.
Around the edges of the image i stamped with some flower swirls.

Flowers...i found some cute plastic flowers in my stasch and i added a little rose in them.

my colored seembinding, can you see the shimmer of the mist?

Last picky. Do they all look kinda blurry to you? the pics i meen.
the sentiment says..."Embrace the journey"!

Our sponsor for this challange is...


Thanks for coming by!  please pop across and see the rest of the DTs wonderful creations.

Wisching you all a wonderful and happy day!

Hugs bettina

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tisdag 24 maj 2011

Whoopsie Daisy.

good evening friends!

Or schould i say good night? its 2.15 in the middle of the night. Im just here to tell you that today(or yesterday,lol) we have a new challenge up for ya over at Whoopsie Daisy.
The theeme of the challange is Birthdays,yay!
I meen you can never have too many birthday cards can you? Its so perfect to have a few laying in the drawer and you can just go grab one incase you dont have the time or mojo to do a birthday card.

I made a birthday card for my mom. shes turning 64 in august, and this cute little girl from sheet 244 looks just like my mum. Even my son said-hey, the little girl looks just like grams,lol.
My mum has this huge, wonderful and so stunningly beautiful garden, that she nurtures all year round.
and right now, at spring time you can see her everyday working in her garden. she wakes up in the morning, drinks her cup of coffe and then...on with the rubberboots up with the hair and most often she makes this big bow on top of her head,lol. then she graps the barrel and off she goes,lol. Can you see her?
so...this image was so perfect. And i tryed to ad a lot of flowers to look like her beautiful garden

the sweet, glittery papers are from a paper pack called safari girl.
some white lace, a lot of flowers, metallic butterflyes, pearls, a home made flower, lasercut chipboard swirls that i sprayed with white mist and a home made charm. thats what made this card.(and a little me,lol)

The sentiment says "congrats"


and my mum...oh, i meen...lol.
Isnt she such a cutiepie?!
I colored her with my copics.

Now i want to wisch you all a wonderful and happy week, and please stop by Whoopsie Daisy to see the rest of the dts stunning work, and to get inspiered,. 

Have a wonderful day!

hugs bettina

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lördag 21 maj 2011

Prairie Fairy, more than one fold.

Hi Friends!

Its Friday! yay! my fav day off the week.
and you now what Fridays meen, yep, its weekend and ...prairie fairy fridays challange time!

This forthnights theeme is...More than one fold.

I havent done too many folded cards.
so it was easy to find something that i had not tryed yet.

I was cruising around in splitcoast stampers to find me a fun card to make.
 After a while i decided to try to make a joy fold card.
 It was really  fun and so easy to make. You can find the tutorial here.

heres my card...

The dp is pion design, and the flowers are from woc and prima.

Isnt Robertas new image just beautiful? 
Its called wedding doves and you can find it here.

Heres just a few picks to see how it opens...

thats all from me today.

Please stop by prairie fairy fridays too see the rest of the DTs inspirational and oh so beautiful work
and to play with us in this fun challange.

Have a wonderful evening!

Hugs bettina

torsdag 19 maj 2011

Southern Girls, Lace and Pearls

Hi Friends!

Im late, gee , gotta hurry up!
This schould have been up yesterday. I dont now what happend, i guess life came in the way.

Anyways, im here today to tell you that yesterday we got a new fun challenge up for ya over at  southern girls.
And this time we want to see you use some Lace and Pearls, oh, isnt that girly?

We have a fab sponsor too.
I love his images. its the paper shelter.

Heres my card...

I used this wonderful image called cupid girl.

The dp is from K and  company, the sweet nectar paper pack.

I added some beautiful lace under the image, i bought the lace from woc.
I also added a heart doilie under the image

Some pink seembinding that actyally was white from the beginning, but i sprayed it with some pink mist. Its so perfect with the white seembinding cause you can color it to whateve color you want.

Tthe beautiful pearl swirl is from prima.

 The flowers are from woc and prima, except from my little lace flower that i made

Here you can see a closer pic of the lace flower.

I dont know if you can see it, but i added some glossy accent to her glasses.

Last pic, pinkie promise,lol.
Just wanted to show you that i made my own little sentiment too.
and i think the pearls shows better on this pic.

oki, doki, thats all from me today.

please stop by the southern girls challenge blog to see the rest of the talanted dts beautiful work.
and have fun with the challange.

see ya tomorrow!
(sorry for beeing so short today, but maybe you al just "phew" finally, cause im always babbeling on and on and on,lol...so...nice and short today,)

have a wonderful evening!


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måndag 16 maj 2011

Whoopsie Daisy.

hi there friends!

How are you all?
hows the weather over at yours? we have had a rainy day over here in sweden, a perfect crafting day. But my little babygirl didnt think that mommy was going to craft, nope, so no crafting for mommy.

Some days im really longing for the day she starts daycare. did i sound really bad now?
i just feel that it would be wonderful if i just got a few hours for myself. And i think she will be so happy to play with other little ones, not to talk of all the toys they have there, wow, i now she will love it.
i just got a notice she will start aug 25th.
Can you believe how much playtime i will get, yay!

Today i have a card to show you that is my 1st gdt card for whoopsie daisy..
oh! i got so happy when Linnie asked me to be a gdt in this wonderful and uberly talanted team.

The theeme this week is to punch it! and i used this cute little fairy from sheet 199.

I painted the edges with some white acrylic paint. the dp is glitz and the beautiful flowers are prima, i think the pink one is gorgeous.

I punched out a whole lot of butterflies.
I also added a metal corner.

Look at this cute little fairy and shes so fun to color too.

sooo beautiful, dont you think?

Now i just want to wisch you all a wonderful evening.
and thank you for all your lovely comments.

Dont forget to stop by whoopsie daisy to see the rest of the teams creations.
Ill tell you, they are sooo talanted, you dont wanna miss out on all the beauty and inspiration.

see ya soon!


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söndag 15 maj 2011

Just be exactly who you are

Hello my Friends!

Just doing a little quicky post.

I wanted to play with the sketch over at CLP and i had to (or wanted to) do a card for one of my girlfriends.
She has had a little rough times lately and i now that her selfesteem is really low right now.
Shes one of the cutest and nicest girls i now, but after her boyfriend broke up with her she really went down in a blavk hole.
So this is my cheer up card for her.

I played a little with one of the kennyk girls and this one is called "All that". I just love coloring kennyk images, but i now that i have to practise, practise and practise., and thats just what im doing,lol.
The papers i used is from the beautiful paper pack from prima called madeline.
and i had some matching little butterflyes that i just had to ad.
Once again i used the wonderful lasercut chipboards from mic, i think i use them on all my cards,lol.
wonder if im addicted to those too? think so.

I made a little swirlflower and added two homemade pins to it.

that blue lace is really beautiful but i wanted to bling it up a little, so i added some pearls to it.
Its really hard to see the sentiment, but it says..."Just be excactly who you are"!
and thats my message to my girlfriend.
cause she thinks theres something wrong with her, since the boy broke up with her.
but i want her to know that shes wonderful excactly the way she is.

and flowers...i cant be without flowers. just look at theese beautiful prima flowers. I pimped them up a little by painting them with some white crackle paint.

My swirly flower, and the pins.

thats all from me today.
I told you this was gonna bee a quicky, see, i can do quicky,lol.

Have a wonderful evening.

hugs bettina.

Im entering this too:
http://flourishes.org- anything goes

lördag 14 maj 2011

Craft Us Crazy , something new and/or fav embellie.

Hi friends!

Hope you all are doing fine out there? Im doing just fab today, at least if you compare to a few days ago.
I have had such stomach pains, again, ouch! So i have been a little off for a few days, and my posts have been a little off too i guess, but doing so much better now, all chatty again
I cant even tell you how much i appriciate to be healthy and to not have any pain.
Before i got sick i couldnt really understand how lucky i was beeing all healthy.
Its kinda sad that i have to get sick before i really started to enjoy life, to appricciate all those little things around me and learned not to take anything or anyone for granted.
It kinda got me thinking a little bit different about life.

oh well, enough whinging, im sorry!  I now theres so many out there feeling so much worse then i do.  I now i havent told you too much about my health, but this is how it is with me. I have my bad days but most often i have really good and wonderful days and im doing all good now and im back to the place i love so much, my scrapping space and my computer yay.

And for all my friends out there whos feeling sick or not feeling too good, remeber ill keep you in my prayers.

oke, on with the reason for my post.  (you see, all chatty again,lol)

We have a new challange for ya over at craft us crazy.
and the theeme is something new and/or your fav embellie.
I went for my fav embellie and guess what that is...yep, its flowers!
We also have two fab sponsors digital delights and pixie cottage

Heres my card...

I used this beautiful stamp from sweet pea called Kiara by Elaine cox.
The dp is from Glitz design. I painted all the edges with some white acrylic paint
I rolled up some music paper and tied some paper lace around it.
I also made my own little swirl flower and added a white pearl in the middle.
A whole lot of my fav embellies...FLOWERS!
two kinds of different lace, to the one at the top i added some orange bling. 
I also added some bling to the beautiful image

Isnt she a beauty...?
Here you can see the bling i put in her hair.

Can you see that i loove flowers?

My little swirl flower

Thats all from me today folks.

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs bettina

im entering this too:
http://bellichallenge.blogspot.com- s- scroll, swirlflower

onsdag 11 maj 2011

Creative Card Crue. "May flowers"

Hi Friends!

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but blogger was messing around with me, again!.
like many of you i have a love hate reletionship with blogger, i hate the days its not working and love the days it works,lol..
Now im gonna hurry and do this post before it stops working again,lol.

We have a new challange up for ya over at creative card crew.
and for this challange we want to see some May flowers, oooh! isnt that just a wonderful challange? at least i think so cause i looove flowers. dont you?
Our sponsor this time is the fabulous robyns fetish. and i have used her beautiful papers on my card.
but i guess my card is so covered with stuff so you hardly see the papers,lol.

Heres my card...

I played a little with Tilda again, and a beautiful flower frame from mic.
It didnt turn out the way i had in mind (i wasnt supposed to tell you that). I had a totally different pic in my head, how often doesent that happen? at least it does for me.

I got an ide and have a pic in my head how i want it to look, but in the end it turns out totally different than what i had in mind. sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst, this is one of those times.

Anyways, i love that mic flowerframe and ofcourse i love little Tilda.
I used some flowers from woc and those white butterflyes, that i blinged up a little, are from woc also.
the swirl is a magnolia die and i finisched the card off with some blingy bling.

Im going to write some beautiful poem or something in that flower frame, but i dont now who to give it to yet and i couldnt find any good poems or lyrics. Does anybody of you now a good site where to find some good lyrics or poems?

Heres a close up of Tilda.

please check out the other DTs beautiful creations over at creative card crew, and hopefully you can join us this week too?

Now im keeping my fingers crossed that blogger will post this time,
oke, here we go...

Have a wonderful day!

hugs bettina.

måndag 9 maj 2011

My grafico.

Goodmorning everybody!

and what a wonderful morning we woke up to.
the sun is shining and i think its about 20c+ outside.
Im gonna do a quicky post today and hurry outside to work on my tan. you never now, it might snow tomorrow,lol.

This is my DT card for the my grafico challanges.

As always its an monhly anything goes challange, and this week we were given theese wonderful ticket sentiments from la la studios to work with.

I took the opperturnity to play a little with Tilda.

The beautiful papers are from bearly mine designs. They are soo beautiful.
the big flowers are from everywhere,lol.
The big pink flower i pimped up a little with white acrylic paint and some white tyll.
The blue rose was white to begin with but i sprayed it with some blue mist.
and look at those white tyll flowers, sooo beautiful. i added some green bling to them.

Some white rose lace and i made my own pin.
I put Tilda  to sit on the lace and i punched a border with my ms lace punch.
and once again i used the wonderful lasercut chipboards from mic that i sprayed with white mist and added some glossy accent. i love those chipboards, can you tell?

heres a closeup of sweet Tilda...

Isnt she a sweetie?

One more pic before im off to play in the sun...

I hope youll join us over at my grafico and dont forget to visit the other DT members to see their fabby creations.

And off to the sun ill gooooo!!!....

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs bettina.

Im entering this too:

lördag 7 maj 2011

Prairie Fairy, Here comes the girls.


Im sorry im a little late with my post. but better late than never,right,lol
I would like to say hi to my new followers. im so glad and honored that you want to follow me in my journey.
and i also need to aplogise for beeing such a  bad blogger.  I have had some "stuff" going on and my stomach has been messing around a little with me. But ill soon be back to my normal chatty me.
So, im so sorry if i havent been by your blog, but ill be there, i promise.
Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments, thats what makes this such a wonderful hobby.
You all make me so happy and you really make me feel so much better, i actyally think im healing much faster becouse of you.
Really, for sure. cause i think that if you are happy and feel good you heal much faster then if you are down and depressed, dont you think?
So i really need to thank you all.
I now i sound really dramatic, dont i?. but its the truth.  Even my doctor told me to keep this hobby up, cause he thinks its good for my health,lol.

oke, ill stop babbeling on now. Just felt the merge to tell you all how much you meen to me, and that you all are lifesaviours,lol..Thank you all!

On with the reason for my post...

We have another challenge up for you over at prairie fairy fridays. and the theeme is...For the Girls!
We want you to make anything associated with girls. easy, peasy ,huh?

Heres my card...

I used sassy little Gillian, isnt she just too cute? I love her.

The papers are Maja Design and they are soooo beautiful.
I also used some of my new rose lace (thats what i think its called?)
some woc and prima flowers.
some chipboard from mic and i made a little pin to fit with the colors on the card.

Here you can see the flowers and the home made pin.

I now theres only one girl on my card, but gillian is on her way to pic up the rest of the girls and they are going out to a night on the town, lol

Hope you all are ok out there and are having a fab weekend.

hugs bettina..

Im entering this too:

onsdag 4 maj 2011

Divas By Design, 1st challange


I start with a YAY!

Becouse today is the launch of the brand new challange blog divas by design!
and im so excited to be working with all the talanted ladies.
Thank you so much Rebekah and Jo for having me in this wonderful team.

Our challanges will run bi-weekly and  today the challange is...Anything goes...
and is sponsored by dis digi downloads.

I have been planning a little for our familys summer vacation.
What to do and where to go.
And that got me thinking...

Where does Tilda go? and what does she do on her summer vacation?
I think she loads up her trailer and of she goes...lol.

The papers i have used is graphic 45 "once in a springtime collection"
theres a whole lot of flowers and embellies and i didnt write everything down, im sorry.
I used some chipboards, lace, brads, pearls, flowers, MS punch and ribbon.

here follows some pics...

I had so much fun making this. It took me some time but i think it was worth it.

Now i hope that you like it too and that you head on over to divas by design and enter the 1st challange.

Have a wonderful day!

hugs bettina!

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http://justmagnolia.blogspot.com/-buttons, bows and bling
http://papersundaes.blogspot.com/- fav hair color, copics E37, E35, E11
http://thestampingboutiquechallengeblog.blogspot.com/- winged things ( you can see 2 fairies peeking out of the window,lol)

( I found the tutorial for the trailer here.)