onsdag 29 juni 2011

I wanna be a mermaid!

Hi Friends!

How are you all today?

We have gotten that hot weather over here too now, its over 30 celsius and its really hot, hot, hot.
Its so hot that if i could i would much rather go naked lol.
Or how wonderful wouldnt it be to be a mermaid? Splasching around in the sea all day long, and i would look exactly like this...

This is my DT card for divas by design, and the theeme is diecuts and punches.

Isnt this mermaid just awsome`? I fell in love with her and her friends the minute i saw them over at make it crafty. I just had to bye them all,lol.

A close up.

The dp is k & c company.
I added a big doilie underneath the sweet mermaid image.
the flowers are i am roses and my own rolled flowers.

I also got my wonderful package from Linda, the funkie junkie.
oooh. what  beautiful laces, pins and can you see the little doilie harts under the flowers? and the blue crochet flowers? they are all from her store too.

Isnt this pin just to die for?...

more flowers..., and a little seahorse and a seashell.

Oke now im off too continue my packing for our upcoming vacation.
We are leaving saturday night and will be gone for about 8 days.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.
and dont forget to stop by the divas by design challenge blog to see my teamies stunning creation.

Enjoy the sun!?
hugs bettina.

im entering this too:
http://cookingitupwithkatie.blogspot.com/- colors of you flag or what is your contry known for. (well my motherland flag is blue and white and finland is known for all the beautiful girls,lol.)
http://bellichallenge.blogspot.com/- the letter G (Gorgeous Girl, glitter.)

tisdag 28 juni 2011

Christmas in june.

Hi friends!

How are you all?
Im just fine. We finally had some sun here in Sweden. It has been so could and rainy for many weeks now. So i have been so jealous when reading about the wonderful and hot weather you all are having. but finally the sun found its way over  here too,yay! Just hoping it decides to stay too.

We had a wonderful midsummer day celebreation on Friday.
We went down to town and watched all the peeps dance around the flower pole.lol, it was so fun to watch everybody jump around like little froggys. and its true, then song goes something like ..."little froggies, little froggies, they have no ears and they have no tails"....and everybody, both children and grownups jumps like crazy around that flowery pole singing "kvack, kvack, kvack" lol, well, you just have to try to imagine it.ha,ha.

Anyways...  I promised to do a short post and no babbel this time. So today im here to tell you about the new challange over at Whoopsie Daisy., and this weeks theeme is...Christmas in june.
Heres my creation...

I made a little wallhanger.
I think im gonna hang it on my door next christmas.
It felt soo wierd doing christmas stuff in the middle of summer,lol.

I grabbed on old cd and started to decorate it.
A beautiful Prima branch. 
Some white rose buds. a white curly swirl. a beautiful white wing.
Some white feathers and two homemade flowers that i made out of craft and painted with white cracklepaint.

I think this little angel is so, so cute and adorable.
Thanks Linnie for all the wonderful images you draw.
they are all so wonderful and a dream to color too.

Please dont forget to stop by Whoopsie Daisy to see what the amazing Daisy Divas has created.
I promise you that there is some real stunners for your inspiration.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.
loves ya!

hugs bettina.

Im entering this too:
/digi_design_house/- handmade flowers
http://www.thekraftjournal.blogspot.com/- something old = the cd, something new = the image.

fredag 24 juni 2011

Hi there...

god evening, god morning?  depending on where you are at the mo. im still home, planning for our little vacation. we will be leaving in 10 days and im trying to organize everything. did you hear me say "trying"?lol. im soo confused right now,lol. so much to think about.
what cards havent i done yet, what was the theeme this week, oh, did i put down some diapers for the baby? you know the drill...lol. I promise you i will forget half of the things im supposed to do and pack before we leave, just like i always do.

If my posts from now on seem a little confused or i miss something, it might be becouse my mind is a mess. so i tought it could be good to apologise for all my mess ups that im about to make,lol.

Anyways...Today im going to show you a card that meens really much to me.
I gave this card to a friend that is going thru cemo right now. Shes having a tough time but she never complains.
Its actyally my hubbys ex. And thru the years and the kids we have become really good friends. Wierd, when you think about how much we did argu in the beginning,lol.
Well, i think that all things that happens in life changes you.
I feel that i could get really sentimental here now, talking about sickness and all that. Like how tough it is when you get sick and how terrible it is to always have pain, but you know what? i wont.
I much rather talk about all the happy things. Like all the fun stuff we have infront of us. All things beautiful. Our wonderful kids, friends and family.

Most importently i want my friend to know that there is a higher power that is with us everyday. No matter what we do or what happens to us, there is an angel watching over us and protecting us from harms way. You know...I want her to try to think happy toughts, good toughts. and i want her to feel safe.
and i so hope that she could feel or see some of that in my card
(well, i know she saw an angel,lol.)

Just look at this Angel from whimsy stamps, isnt she just beautiful?

Sorry for all the bad picks. They are all taken over at my friends house. Cause i forgot to take pics before i gave it to her. That was kinda funny too. I came back one day later asking her if it was ok to come in and take some photos of the card i gave her yesterday,lol. I know i could have made a new card, but i just wanted to show this beautiful angel to you all (always thinking about you my dear friends,lol.)

This was the first time i tryed to do some clouds in the background. went so perfectly with this angel.
and it kinda looks like shes up in the sky, dont you think?

i used some wooden embellies like this heart. i painted them all with one layer of white acrylic paint.

All the flowers got some paint on them too.

Just like all the edges.

The beautiful papers are from the cart-us paper pack, and the beautiful flowers are woc.

Hope you liked my little angel card? And i hope that it got you thinking...about the good things in life.
gee, im sooo deep today, aint i,lol. Told ya the card made me al muschy, muschy. (cant find the right word for it, but you know what i meen)

Sorry for all my babbeling today.
Next post will be less babbely, i promise.

Have a wonderful day / evening.
and remember...
Happy toughts!

Hugs bettina.

Im entering this too:
http://stampinfortheweekend.blogspot.com/- fav things. mine are...flowers!

onsdag 22 juni 2011

Whoopsie Daisy. Pile on those flowers.

Hi Friends!

Firstly i would like to say hi to all my new followers HIIII! (Waving)
im so happy to have you here, and i promise i will do my best to make you enjoy your stay over here.
I hope i will inspiere you just as much as you inspiere me.
and thank you so much for wanting to share this blogging journey togheter with me.

So, whats happening over here?
well, its been a rainy day here again. And the weather men says that midsummerday is gonna rain and thunder away too.
Dont know how many of you do it, dance around a pole that is decorated with lots and lots of flowers? Its really beautiful with all of the wonderful, gorgeous flowers.
One more thing you are supposed to do on midsummerday is to go pick 7 different kinds of flowers and put them under your pillow when you go to sleep. You will then find out in your dreams who the lucky guy is that you will marry,lol.
Anyways, its a big holiday and celebration day here in sweden. we simply celebreate the summer.
And looks like we will be dancing around that flowery pole in pooring rain. A typical swedisch midsummerday that is, it always rains on midsummer. oh well, theres no bad weather, just bad clothing, yeah right!

Talking about lots and lots of flowers, thats excactly the challange over at whoopsie daisy, pile on those flowers.
and i guess that you know by now how much i looove my flowers,lol.
so, heres my card...

I piled on those flowers,lol.
I used this cute little girl from sheet 242 witch you can find here.

The papers are create paper, "portrait collection".
a whole lote of flowers from I am roses and woc.
some white lace and some of that brown net looking thing,lol.
I have no ide what its called.

a swirly chipboard from mic. Im so totally hooked on those lasercut chipboards from make it crafty, ill bet you theyll end up on every single card i make,lol. love them.
the metal frame is really beautiful too, the sentiment in it says "lifetime moments".
And look at that beautiful butterfly. I got a whole package from i am roses. yay!
oh, i forgot to tell you that i stamped around the image, can you see? think it looks kinda cool.

Oki doki. im leaving you with this last picky.
So that you can admire this adorable little girl that linnie has made.
or, why not hop over to whoopsie daisy to admire the rest of the dts adorable cards, or you can enter the challange, or you can even buy this cute image over there if you would like too,lol.

Wisching you all a wonderful evening.

See ya!

Hugs bettina

im entering this too:
http://clpchallenge.blogspot.com/- the sketch is under there, i promise,lol.

måndag 20 juni 2011

By the cute and girly, reminder.

Hi Everybody!

How are you all doing? very good i hope.

We have had a really cold and rainy day over here in sweden. Almoust like summers already over and autumn is here. well, i hope not and that the warm and sunny days soon will be back.
Only good thing about bad weather is that you can stay in and craft al day, at least if you dont have a little 1 and a half year old tearing up the house every time you try to sit down and do a little coloring,lol.
Atleast now shes laying down on the sofa drinking her formula and i hope she falls asleep so mommy can play a little,lol.

This post is actyally a reminder of the current challange going on over at By the cute and girly, where i have had the privilige to guest design for the month of July.
Thank you so much  girls for having me. I had a wonderful time!

And the theeme is...In the garden.  here is my card...

It was ages ago that i played with Tilda, and now i finally got the chance to play with my new butterly Tilda, shes sooo cute. 
(Wonder when i get a chance to play with the rest of my dussins of tildas that newer been inked.)

The papers are all Magnolia.

I think this is one of my fav Tilda stamps.
but i guess i have about 50 fav Tilda stamps,lol.

Some beautiful flowers.
The flowers are a mix of prima, magnolia, kort o gott and woc witch also happens to be some of my fav shops.
well, i guess i have about 10 more fave shops,lol.

This is my last picky.

thats all from me today.

Its really late over here in sweden so i think i will go count some sheeps (go to bed).
(do you do that in your country when you go to bed? or is it just a Swedisch tingy?)


Wisching you all a great evening/night and when you are ready...

...sleep tight.

...and dream of me!

Just kidding,lol. couldnt stop myself ha, ha.!
(well, you are most welcome to if you want to, but... no nasty things, please...ha,hi,haaa,ha!)

Oke, i think i better stop right here and now before i make a total fool of my self. I will have to face you all tomorrow morning so...

natti, natti!

See you all very soon!

Hugs bettina.

im entering this too:

torsdag 16 juni 2011

Southern Girls challenge and some NEWS!

hi friends.

Its wednesday and time for another challange over at southerngirls...

Got Ya! Iknow, i know, its Thursday,lol. but this is what i was supposed to write Yesterday. I know, im one day late. How the heck did this happened? I actyally tought it was Wednesday today, until i put the tv on and it said Thursday. gee, this is scary, and im only 37, or wait...am i already 38?

Hmmm...what was i talking about? oh yeah, thats right, The challange,lol.

Its a theeme i know you all will love...yep...Anything goes.

We got some fab images from simply betty, and i choosed to play with this sassy lady called Gwendolyn.

This was my first time ever playing with a simply betty image. i had so much fun altho she was really challengeing to color. But i looove her all colored up.

The dp i have used is my minds eye.
The flowers are all prima.

I put some white lace around the edges and i rolled up some brown note paper and put it down in the corner.

I just love this colors togheter. Nothing i normally would use, but felt i wanted to try some different colors and i absolutly will use this colorcombo again.

And now for my NEWS!....

I made the DT team over at...

YAY! Can you believe that? im having a hard time to.
Somebody pinch me!

I meen the girls in this team has so much talante and are so lovable too.
I know im going to love beeing on this team.

Thank you so much Donna! 

Wishing you all a wonderful evening!
hugs bettina

Im entering my card too:
http://movingalongwiththetimes.blogspot.com/- insp by a song -(f...in Perfect, Pink)

onsdag 15 juni 2011


The Whimsy stamps Inspiration magazine!

Wanna go visit the first issue of the magazine?

Heres the link.


Hugs bettina.

måndag 13 juni 2011

Whoopsie Daisy

hi friends!

As promised im back today with my DT card for Whoopsie Daisy.

This week we are doing it free and easy witch is the same as anything goes, cause we now how much you all like that, right? Right!

For my card iv used this beautiful and gorgeous fairy from sheet nr 264 witch you can find over here.

I wanted to make her really colorful, you now a card that makes you feel happy.

Heres my card...

The dp is echo park, "for the record". so beautiful and colorful. I got a whole kit of it in 12x12 from creative scrapbooking. Its a kitclub and i get a perfectly coordinated kit every month. 
Love that time of the month, the kit is arriving and its paycheck time.
Witch meens i can shop some more,lol.
the flowers are from woc and my stasch. The big blue one was white from the biginning witch i sprayed with some blue mist. love those big white roses that you can paint, spray or color in whatever color you need at the time. just perfect.
A doily and some white lace got in there too.
and that black prima pearl swirl.

a close up of the beautiful fairy witch i colored with my copics.

Hope my card made you happy?

Thank you so much for stopping by today.
loves ya all, MWAH!!!

Im entering this too:

Hugs bettina

Some Whimsy News and Papa Bear

Hello my dear friends!

Gee, feels like for ever since i did a post. Sorry for beeing so quite. I have just enjoyed some time with family and friends. Enjoying summer.

We have had some lovely summer days here in Sweden, 30c, so it has been very hot, and i like it hot,lol.
Yesterday my babygirl took her first swim in the swimming pool and she loved it, shes like a fisch in the water.
heres some pics of my babygirl splasching around with my girl friend.

YAY! Summer is here and i almoust feel like im in loove with it. does that make any sense?
I love the hot, sunny days, the warm and breezy summer nights. The smells of all the beautiful flowers. I feel like im happier and having so much more energy. Im feeling so strong. I feel like i can hadle anything and im on top of the world right now,lol .
The people kinda shine up too. everybody is so much nicer to eachother.

Anyways, i do have something more importent and exciting to tell you, not just my ramblings,lol.

Just look at this...

Whimsy Stamps is starting a new adventure and we want you to take the journey with us!  On June 15, 2011, the first issue of the Whimsy Stamps Inspirations Magazine will be debuting alongside our June rubber stamps and dies. We are excited to bring to you never-before-seen creations by the design team and by some fantastic Whimsy customers.  In a continuous effort to provide you with creative inspiration, this issue will be free and available to everyone.  Stay tuned - you won't want to miss it!

Isnt that EXCITING?!

and i cant wait to show you my card thats in the magazine.
but you will have to wait a few more days.

I do have another card to show you today.
Its a card made with one of Meljens new releases called Papa bear...

Isnt this such a cute image?
This is papa Lorenz and big brother Jesper and on papas shoulders you can see our little princess Melinda- Chayene. Thats my family. lol.

Im not too good at coloring bears, but i tryed to make papa bear look a little furry, dont know if i managed to  do that?

Thats all from me friends.

thanks for popping by me today and ill hope well be seeing eachother tomorrow cause then ill be back with my whoopsie daisy card.

Have a good night.

hugs bettina

söndag 5 juni 2011

My Fabby NEWS!!!

Hi my lovelies!

Im back from a wonderful little mini vacation with my hubby and our little princess.
We had such a great time and it was well needed.

A few days ago i told you i had some fabby news for you, and now i can tell you all about it.
Guess what? are you ready? Hold on to your horses now, cause this is huge.

I am...

one of the new girls on the...

Kenny K team!!!


YAY! Its a dream come true, so unbelieveble, that me, little  me, are on a team with a bunch of girls that i have admiered, looked up to and got so much inspiration from since the day i started this journey.
Thank you so much Donna for choosing me to be on this talanted and awsome team.

Can you hear that im kinda excited?lol.
Still getting all shaky,lol.

Now im off to put my little baby girl to bed. Shes so tiered after her big adventure.
and then im going to sit down and do some coloring.
I did pack down all my copics, some images and my puter, but i didnt even open it,lol.
So i have really been missing some coloring and ofcourse you all, so ill be by to see what you all have been up to since last.

I just have to share some funny picks of my little wild one...
She really is everywhere, but i meen, isnt there any limits to where and into what she climbs???
Just look at her...

I laught so much that i peed my pants, well i guess the toilet was kinda occupied,lol.
mommys little princess,lol.

Thanks for stopping by today  and have a wonderful evening ( doing some coloring maybe???)

Hugs bettina

onsdag 1 juni 2011

In the garden.

(If you are looking for my Whimsy BLOG HOP please scroll down)

Hello once again!

I promise you that this is my 3rd and last post for today,lol.

This time  im here to tell you that the wonderful Lora from by the cute and girly asked me if i wanted to be a GDT for the july challange and YES! i wanted too.

The challange is...

In the Garden.

Isnt that just a wonderful theeme set by the talanted Geraldine. And as she says it...
This month your creations can be inspired by all things green and flowery plus all the butterflies, bugs and insects that combine to make a garden.  Of course, to some of you a garden might be a place to relax and sip a long cool drink while planning the weekend barbeque....and that's allowed!

I was thinkink about my mom again, and her beautiful garden. so it was a perfect theeme for me. (love it Geraldine!)
We had mothersday here last sunday so i made this garden inspiered card to my mom.

heres my gdt card...

I made a easelcard. i love doing theese cards. i havent done too many of them. I wonder why i dont do them more often, but i decided that from now on i will.
I used a sweet pea image. I love this image, isnt it just perfect for the theeme?

The papers are websters and the flowers are from woc , and my stasch.
a little heart doily peeking out behind the image.
flatback buttons that i found in a drawer. Its so fun what amazing findings you do from time to time.
just look at that...hmmm...oh my gosch., i have no ide what you call that thing that you gather leaves with,lol. how embaressing. could some one please tell me what its called,lol. well, i placed it next to the image, tought it went perfectly with the theeme too.
gee, im still blusching,lol.

Closeup of the image...

here you have a better wiev of the "thing that gatheres leaves",lol

That was all from me today.

Thank you so much Lora for having me as a gdt. And thank you so much to you all my wonderful friends for stopping by today.

Wisching you all a wonderful and relaxed evening.
and hope we all get some lovely weather tomorrow so we all can enjoy our gardens.

dont forget to stop by by the cute and girly for some great inspiration and to see some beautiful creations.

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too:

Whimsy stamps June digital release BLOG HOP!

 Hello again!
Im sooo excited to announce that i have joined an amazing digital team whimsy stamps.
Can you belive it? i cant. Still pinching myself,lol. oke, here we goooo....
Whimsy Stamps is releasing new Digital Designs today from Crissy's Digis, Raindrop Echo Designs and Meljen's Designs. There's lots of new images from Natalie Michalski of Moon Cookie Gallery and our new artist...Kathryne Kittmer! All of the new images are available now!

Your first stop on this hop is the Whimsy inspiration blog. You can always check back there for the complete list. And...you'll want to leave some love along the way too as there will be two winners...these will be chosen from two mystery blogs. The blog hop runs from today until Wednesday, June 8th at 12:oo pm EST.

The Grand Prize Winner of the hop will be chosen from comments left on the final stop...the lucky winner will receive 5 new digital stamps of their choice from Whimsy and will also get a chance to use those new digital images as a guest designer for Whimsy for the entire month of June! So, what are you waiting for? Get Hopping! Here's my card...

I have tryed something for me completley new...

a tri-shutter card...
I had so much fun making this card so i will most definetly make more of theese.

a close up of this cute little "Raggedy girl" by Kathryne kittmer.

Your next stop on this hop is the wonderful and talanted Kindra.

Have fun hopping!!!

Hugs bettina.

Divas By Design. Florals.

Good Morning!

And what a wonderful morning it is! The sun is shining and i just booked us a little trip to swedens biggest animalpark. I cant wait to get away for a few days. i so need it.
A little update from my latest post. The doc appointment went fine,phew.
And my son is feeling fine at the mo and trying to shape up for mom ( hope it lasts a little longer than a week this time,lol)
So i got all my needed pills and feeling soo fine,lol, just kidding. no, but really, no wining from me today, cause like i said...the sun is shining and...i got some fab news yesterday, but i cant share it with you just yet,but soon...very soon...lol.

On with my DT card for divas by design.

The challange this forthnight is...Florals!!! oooh! my fav embellies! have you ever seen a card from me without flowers?lol.

and heres my card...

I inked up this cute little hänglar stamp for the 1st time, can you believe that?
The beautiful dp is from bearly mine.
i used a frame that i found from my stasch and painted it with pink crackle paint.
some ribbon, lace and seembinding that  was white from the beginning, but i sprayed it with some pink glimmermist, you should see how it glimmers.
The flowers are from woc and my stasch, and i topped it off with a cute little ladybug.
oh, and look at that butterfly die. i so love it!!!

a little closeup of the cute little hänglar stamp...

the flowers and ladybug...

Thats all from me for now...

Dont forget to pop over to the rest of the Diva girls to see their beautiful and ispirational creations.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day!.

Will see you all a little later on today.

Hugs bettina