fredag 16 december 2011

Southern Girls and "Santa Lucia"!

Hi friends!

Just a little note: as you can see on my blog header im having some huge problems. Al PDF files looks like this. I have downloaded some PDF thingy, but it only works for printing? I havent had this problem before, but after my computer crasched nothing is like it used to be.
So, now im asking you al, what am i doing wrong or, what should i do? please help me out!!!.
I want my blog to look good everytime you come by. 
Its like knowing your having guests coming by and you dont cleane your house before they arrive,lol.
I do need help, desperatly!

Anyways...We are having our final challange for the year over at Southern girls , and the theeme is..Celebreate!
We will be back bigger and better(if thats possible,lol) next year.
The 1st challange for 2012 will go up Januari 5th, so plenty of time to play along in this Celebreate challange.

Here is my card...

Im celebreating christmas...
And i was also thinking about gingerbreads, thats what tilda is holding, a row of gingerbread hearts that she has baked,lol.

The dps i have used is from echo park called "times and season", they are wonderful. I just love the colors of the papers.

I also decorated the inside this time, but i forgot to take pics, so typical!
But inside i made a little pocket for that tag that you can see in this pic.
I just distressed the tag and then i put on a wellum sentiment that says warmest holiday wisches.

Its so funny, cause i was going thru my winter / christmas stasch and had no ide i had a whole block filled with beautiful wellum sentiments. Its a little like a mini christmas when you find stuff you didnt even know you had, isnt it?lol.

A close up of Tilda holding her baked gingerbread hearts.


Now im gonna show you some pics of my little cutiepie. We were celebreating Lucia here in Sweden on Tuesday, and i got some requests off showin some pics from her 1st lucia celebration at daycare. you are...mummys little cutiepie...

Here we are on our way to daycare...

im bursting soon, can we go now...?

Finally at daycare. Melinda is on top but not sure what im doing, looks like im about to go to sleep,lol.
It was hubby who had the camera, and i have to say more?
Every pic is blurry or he didnt take enough pics,grrr

Come on!!! Lets sing togheter, "Sankta Luciaaaaa....!LOL.

Finally at home. In grandmums lap eating the hugest chokolate santa clause, mmmmm...

and can i tell you that she went to bed really late that night, talk about sugar rusch, she was like a little speedy gonzalez running around,lol.
Well, we had a really lovely day, and a lot of..hmmm..some good pics to remember our princesses 1st Lucia celebreation at daycare.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Hope you enjoyed yourself and had fun celebreating Lucia with Melinda-Chayene!?

Have a wonderful evening!

Big hugs bettina

torsdag 15 december 2011

...and the winner is...

Hi Friends!

Its that time... To see who the winner of my little 2-year celebreation candy is.!!!:)

I wanna thank everyone who took your time to enter,-thank you! I feel so honored, and i wisch i could give something to everyone. But...this time i will only have one winner.:(

and i also wanna say hi again to al of my new friends and followers. Im so, so happy you are here!:)

Anyways... didnt we have fun doing this? i for sure did,. So i bet you i will have a new candy pretty soon, cause i actually have some things to celebreate (but its still a secret) watch this space!:)

Oki Doki...Shall we get on with it....?

THE WINNER IS.....................................................





Are you ready???

here it comes.............




Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:

(i didnt put up the whole list of al the numbers. The winner is the number on top...)

Number 13!!!

Thats you Corry!!! YAY!

Congrats sweetie! Could you please e-mail me with your adress so i can send you the goodies, and a little Christmas gift from sweden.


My wonderful, amazing, talanted and fantastic friends. You are al so precious to me. LOVES YA!

BIG Hugs


måndag 12 december 2011

Bunny Zoe, Challange time!

Hi Friends!

First up i would like to say hi to al of my new followers (wawing madly)!
Im so happy and honored that you are here. Thank you!
I will try to do al that i can to make you enjoy your stay!


Hope you al are doing fine and that you have everything almoust done for that big, wonderful christmas party!
Me, i still havent started my shopping yet, taking it slow and easy this year...(but if im really honest...Panic!!!lol).

Today we have the last challange for this year up and running over at Bunny zoes,
and this month our lovely Dorcas would love to see your fancy folds/ shaped cards.

heres my little fancy folds card...

I made a little easel card with this cute little bear image called "a christmas delivery" from stampavie.

I tryed to make it look like he was driving his car deep in the snowy forrest, hurrying home to the family with the gorgeous christmas tree he found in the woods, and al the wonderful christmas presents he bought down in the valley,lol.
Can you picture it?

I think its really hard to get a good pic from easels, dont you?
So, im sorry if the pics are a little... blah!

It would also be great to have some light.
But right know we are living in darkness here in Sweden. 
Its not that bad, cause it can be really cousy too, with tons and tons of burning candles.
But those candels are no good for picture taking,lol.

A little close up of the images. 
i also fuzzy cut some fab tree images from make it crafty.

Other things i have used on my card is..

Papers: My Minds Eye

Im soo excited to see what you al will create.
Remember that the challange will go on until the second monday in Januari,
so lots of time.
We dont want you to feel any stress in this christmas time, do we?

Thank you so much to al of you for stopping by today!
Hope i could give you some inspiration?!

Have a wonderful evening!

(Ps: dont forget to enter my candy! Just a few minutes left to enter..
Hurry, hurry,...but dont stress,lol.)

BIG Hugs bettina

im entering this too: easel cards ( the brads is from woc)

2- year Celebration candy!

Hi my wonderful  followers and friends! (This is a sticky post, please scroll down for my latest post, thanks!)

Would you like to celebreate with me?
This month i have a 2- year scrapping celebreation.
Yep, for excatly 2 years ago i started this wonderful hobby of ours. Yeah!
I cant believe its already two years ago i discovered a swedisch scrapping page on the inthernet, there was so many wonderful creations in there so i decided to shop a little from that store and try it out myself, and well, the rest is history.
2 years later im sitting here thanking god for this amazing and fun journey im on, and the love for this journey is just growing and growing.

I cant believe how many incredible friends this hobby has given me. You al are just amazing, and i cant even begin to tell you how much you al meen to me and how much i have needed you along the way, and how much you al have given me, both inspiration, love, incouragement and al of those wonderful evenings and nights that we al have just been chatting around and having so much fun togheter. Me loves ya al!!!

Anyways...i decided to have a little 2-year celebration candy.

There is a little bit of this and that in my candy. and nowing myself there will be more in there, but i dont wanna tell or show you what. Cause its not a christmaspresent if you now what it is, right. Its nothing that big tho, just a little bit more of this and

How to:

I would love it if you would wanna be my follower.

a little pic of my candy and link back to me on your blog please.

and then enter mr linky thingy.

better do a comment too, if mr linky goes missing.

I think thats it?
(please, no candy hunting blogs, cause this is for my friends and old and new followers. thanks!)

thank you so much for wanting to celebreate with me!
Big hugs to you al!

UPDATE: Already added 1 more paper pack, and there are still over 30 days to go. sooo exciting. Im NOT gonna tell you that the paper pack is called Authentick...ooopsi! lol, oh well, its some wonderful blueisch papers, so beautiful. oke now im gonna shusch, lol.

Today (Sunday) i added this to the candy...

Its a gorgeous Moon shadow mist from Lindys stampgang.
I know i wasent supposed to tell you what i would ad to the candy, but im terrible at keeping secrets,lol.
(but there will be some chrissy surprises too,lol)

Today (Friday) im adding a little bit of this...

Happy Friday !

...and today (Saturday 26/11) im adding this...

theres some stuff there in the back that you cant see, and i wont tell ya,lol.

have a wonderful weekend!

...Sneeking in here again. Isnt this fun!?lol.
Today Sunday 4/12, (or is it Monday already?) im adding this to the candy...

This is where al my little pennies go,lol.
One of my al time favourite stores. Nikki really has everything your shopping hearts desieres.

Have a wonderful time shopping!!!

I also wanna wisch a very happy advent to al of you who are celebreating it.

Big hugs to you al.


here comes mr liky...(i hope).

fredag 9 december 2011

Day Of Fun!

Hi Friends!

Over at stampartic theres something FUN happening every day in December.
I strongly recommend you to pop by.
There will be a whole lot of inspiration,tips, tutorials, projects and a whole lot of eyecandy every single day!!:)

Are you al starting to get in to the christmas spirit now?
Only about two weeks left, and i havent even started my christmas shopping yet,yikes.

But thats ok, maybe ill end up doing al my christmas presents myself, lol.
At least that is what the teatchers over at my babygirls daycare are getting tomorrow, a home made gift.

Since i think its so much FUN to do al kinds of boxes and things, and i also love to alter them, thats what i did.

So here is a little box that i pimped up...

I also wanted to do a matching candle.

It will be nice for them when they are on a brake, sipping their warm coffe, to light a little candle.
Especially after beeing out in the cold with the kids a half day.

I also wanted them to have something cute to look at so i chosed little Tilda.

Heres the box from above...

I wanted you to see the sparkly and beautiful flower.

Here we have them both, the altered box and the candle...

I really had so much FUN making theese, and im so excited about tomorrow.
Will my daughters daycare teatchers like them?
at least i know they will like one thing...
I filled the box with lots of chockolate!

I hope you had FUN, and that i gave you some inspiration?

Have a wonderful day, and dont forget to have FUN! lol!

Big hugs and happy holidays!


Im entering this too:

tisdag 6 december 2011

Maja Design, part 2.

Hi Friends!

Do you remember the article of Maja Design and the beautiful “Vintage Winter” collection? 
Here comes part 2.

This time al the girls over at stampartic did al kinds of wonderful projects with theese gorgeous papers...

Here is what i did...

A little gift box shaped as a star...

I strongly recommend you to take a trip over to the stampartic blog.
I can promise you tons of inspiration and lots of wonderful gift ideas.
Theese girls are just amazing!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Have a wonderful evening!

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too: Bingo= punch, flowers, pearls( pearl brads)

lördag 3 december 2011

Just for fun!

Hello friends!

How are you al doing today? Pretty good i bet, i meen its Friday, Yay! (and its still my fav day of the week,lol) (update: this was ment to go up yesterday, but blogger played me, yet again,lol)

I have been doing some playing just for fun,yeeeha! Seems like ages that i did a card that wasent for any of my obligations (i do love al my obligations,lol).
Just like you al, i too have fallen in LOVE with Kristas wonderful images.( thanks Krista)
So here comes my first card with a Saturated Canary image.

i used the cute litte Whipsy fairy on my card.
The dp is from my new paper pad called "love me" from my minds eye.

A close up of the cutest little fairy.

I distressed al the edges and added some white lace and a little heart doily.

I also made a little pink ribbon flower.
I used some white ribbon and sprayed it with some pink mist. Then i just curled the ribbon round and round, lol, then i added this gorgeous bling on top.
(i now there is a whole lot of ribbon flower tutorials out there, but if someone is interested, ill happily show you how i made it.)

The sentiment i found in my stasch.

I had sooo much fun playing with this image. I can promise you that there will be a lot more of Saturated Canary cards in here,lol.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too:

torsdag 1 december 2011

Bunny Zoe has up tp 25% off Magnolias!... and Tracys envelope boxes.

Hello Friends!

I just had to tell you al that Bunny zoes has up to 25 % off on Magnolias, and i know that you dont wanna miss out on that.

and... My sweet blogging friend Tracy Payne (crafteezee) has some great Envelope boxes for sale.
Just what i have been looking for!!! Yay!

She is also offering a 25- pack of envelopes as candy. jiiihuuu!

for al the info head on over to Tracys (crafteezee) blog.

Wisching you al a fantastic evening!

(ps: stop by in the weekend to see what more yum yum im adding to my 2-year celebration candy. I know what it na na na na naaaa, lol.)

hugs bettina