onsdag 20 juni 2012

I love Pinwheels!

Hi Friends!

I have missed you al so much.
Iv had some really crazy weeks, thats why i have been mia, absolutly no crafting time.
But i took me some time to create a wee bit, i really needed it.
Just to sit down for a while and not think of anything else but crafting, and my gosch i feel so much better know.:)!
This is what i ended up with...

I just love, love, love pinwheels, think they are so much fun and summery.

So i filled a bowl with a few colorful ones...

I also made a little tag to match...

With a sweet little girl from stampavie, holding a...Pinwheel!!!

Oki doki friends, now im a off for a week of vacation.

We are off to celebreate the swedisch Midsommer, so there will be a lot of dancing around the beautiful flower pole (ill be showing pics of that pole later) and  lots and lots of god food.

So wisching you al a wonderful Mid summer!!!

Oki, gotta run, the family is already in the car,lol! 
Big squeezes to you al!

see ya soon!

Hugs bettina.

lördag 2 juni 2012

Make it Crafty/Simply Betty Blog hop!

Make it Crafty and Simply Betty Stamps are really excited to be bringing you the combined Hollywood Release!
Simply Betty Stamps has a range of characters from Betty Monroe, through to Action Chris the movie director!!
Make it Crafty has a range of background scenes perfect to switch and match with your famous characters!!

This is day 2 off the blog hop and you should have arrived here from the adorable Betty, if not check the full list in the bottom of this post.

I have made a framed card using Betty Monroe (Simply Betty) and Stars sidewalk (Mic).

My first time trying to do a framed card and i also tryed to make the wall to look like a brick wall, LOL!.

I just love al the new images and i know i will be playing with them ALOT!

MiC & SBS Guess that Movie

Of course we are going to have heaps of fun with this theme and June 1st & June 2nd we will be showcasing our stuff and then June 3rd we're bringing you a fun guessing game... Will you be able to guess the movie??  We'll be giving you some clues to help!!

Heres a little sneak peek on whats to come on Sunday, June 3rd (tomorrow)...

Join us for the two inspiration days and leave a comment along the way for your chance to win a selection of new images.
There will be FOUR winners each day receiving a surprise character with matching background digi stamps.
Then on June 3rd, guess 6 out of 12 movies correctly and you will have a chance to win: 

Grand Prize

A DVD Movie of your choice
PLUS the whole collection of MiC & SBS digi stamp Hollywood release images.
Second Prize
The whole collection of MiC & SBS digi stamp Hollywood release!
Can't wait?!!
But we know some of you just can't wait so both Betty and Zoe are offering you 25% off
their Hollywood collections between June 1st and June 3rd!
We hope you have lots of fun with us this weekend!!!

Oki doki, now your next stop on the list should be the lovely Cyndi.


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måndag 28 maj 2012

Coloring clouds.


Im sorry for beeing so quiet lately.
You know how it sometimes just comes and takes over everything, that thingy called life.
So lately i havent had hardly any crafting time at al. Oooh, i miss my craft room so much!:(

Well, hopefully life will soon be over. No wait, that sounded so totally wrong,lol.
I ment al those little nasty "things" in life that takes away al my crafting time.  I hope that the "things" in my life will be over and sorted out really, really soon. Sometimes i feel like just screaming. Shut up! Stop nagging! Stop bothering me! cant you see im trying? Im doing the best i can with what i got. You know...?
Just tell life to give you a little brake. At least for a little while so that you have time to gather your self up for the next little "thing". But sometimes life just hits you with one thing after another. It doesent matter how much i scream, im just wasting my time and energy

Im sorry for ounding so down,but i kinda guess i am a little bit.
But on the bright side i know that when this al is over im leaving behind yet another milestone in my life, and i will be so much braver, wiser, stronger and more beautiful than ever, ha, ha, just kidding:) No way this will make me more beautiful. I wisch!, lol. But i will for sure be stronger then ever.

So, enough with the winying and off to talk about something so much funnier...Crafting!

Iv had a little tutorial up over at the Copicmarker Europe blog. Coloring clouds.

Theres so many ways to do this and i think i will call this the Annica way, cause i learned it from her.

The copics im gonna use is B0000, B000 and B23.

Im gonna concentrate on this background image from Make it crafty.

and at the end im going to mount on this pre colored Tilda image.

oki doki, lets get on with it shall we :).

Im going to do the whole coloring process on a piece of mic blending card.

The first color im using is the B 0000.

Just be really "shaky" in your hands while doing it.
Clouds arent perfect in real life, they  are al different looking, so no need to feel that you are doing wrong. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The only pinpoint i can give you is to go slightly in zic zac when coloring.

The next color im using is the darkest blue. B 23...

Looks kinda funny huh? but it will get better. (i hope,lol)

Then im gonna use the B 000...

Im kinda dabbing it on to the darkest blue, going a little bit on to the lightest blue, not too much tho.

Then im taking B0000 again and starting from the darkest blue again and blending it upwards, but not al the way over the lightest blue (B0000).I wanna keep the first layer of B0000 untouthched. Cause if I go all over it one more time, the second layer will make it darker.

Of course you can do that also if you want to, and you can use different colors also.
Make the clouds darker or lighter, ad some greys to it.
Well, its totally up to you how you want you clouds to look.

Well, we are finished! 
Wasn't that really easy?!

This is how the finished image looks when Tilda is mounted on to it...

Well, thats it from me today. I hope i could inspiere or help someone with my little tut.
Have a wonderful week everybody!


Hugs Bettina.

Copics used on the background/
Clouds: B0000, 000, 23
Flowers: Y15, 17, 35, R02
Leaves: G40, 28 YG63
Ground: E000, 00, 34, 47, 57, 49, 59

torsdag 17 maj 2012



Happy wednesday!

Been trying to do some playing in my craftroom today, but im constantly interrupted.
The doorbell is ringing (nope, no happymail,lol) the phone is ringing, the cat peed on the floor (maybe it was her water, shes pregnant) i dropped the big sugar bag on the floor, i could go on and on. Guess its just one of those days....

Anyways, we have a new challange up for ya over at Bunny Zoe´s and the theeme is something you al will like...Anything goes!  Yay!

I decided to do a little smash page. Im still learning how to smash and im having trouble to get out of the scrapbook mood, cause al my pages looks a little like scrapbook pages.
Oh well, the pics are so totally cute on this page,  so i guess it will have to do.
(warning: tons of pics coming your way...)

Heres my little daughter planting her first seeds...

and shes also the judge...

hmmm...let me see...

im not too sure about that pic...

NO! theres no pink mom!

Hey! wait a minute...thats me...

Okay! Its fine...LOL!

and some close ups...

Love this flower and the flatback button. I got it from Kellie winnells shop.

Some dear Lizzy ribbon and a little date cut out from Elles studio

Some more Dear Lizzy ribbon and a cute little Krafting kimmie image called Daisy mae

And the text stamp that comes with Daisy mae "Daisies are like sunshine to the ground". One more flower from Kellies shop and one more elles studio strip.

For some eye candy and fsome fabby inspiration,
be sure to stop by Bunny zoes challange blog to see the rest of the DT girls amazing creations.

and dont forget...
Have FUN!

Take care of yourselfs everybody!

Big hugs bettina

onsdag 9 maj 2012

Feeling "Springy"!

Hi Freinds!

How is everybody doing? and how about the weather?
are you feeling "springy" yet? I am, for sure.

Even tho its actually raining here in sweden today, and well, yesterday too and the day before that.
But last week was amazing. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky and everywhere i looked people were  walking around in summer clothes.  Finally the fur has been tucked in the closets here in Sweden:) yay!

Anywas, speeking of feeling "springy", i have made my second dt project for the Make it crafty store blog.
and i have really gone color crazy on this one.

Dont you think?

I have recently started to getting theese wonderful off the page kits from The paper bakery, and i so love al the kits and al the ideas they have. Like this kit, everything was already there, with ideas and everything, so no extra thinking (something im having a hard time doing lately,lol), just get right on to the fun part, CREATING!

Off corse you can always mix it with your own ideas and likeings. Like i did, with this adorable little fairy.

She comes in a set with 3 other cute little fairies.
You can find the rubber stamp set over Here.

Heres some more close ups...

This flower was originally just plain fabric, but since im feeling "springy" i wanted to ad some color to it and dabbed it with some Starburst stains.

added a few little cute flags... love theese flags.

The chipboard letters is saying "gratest grandmom".

Two bottles witch i wrapped some lovely washi tape around and tied them togheter with some twine.

And a almoust Black and White pic of the kiddos, just to make it pop.

Im gonna give this one to mom on mothersday, and since theres a pic of the kids i know she will Love it!

Hope you liked it too? and did you know that looking at colorful things makes you feel happy:)!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Hope you are feeling "springy"! where ever you are.

Big hugs!

torsdag 3 maj 2012

Playing with Mic" Chippies".


Was going thru my blog and kinda felt that something was missing, and then it hit me. I totally missed to post this on my blog. I know, bad, bad me.

Without going in to it too much, i have had some crazy weeks over here, alot going on. Including some pain, some heart ake, some fun and signing papers and signing papers and some more signing papers.
We are doing al the last stufs that has to be done with al dads things and money. (Love you and miss you so much dad). Hopefully by summer its al taken care of. Would love to leave al that behind me now, and just enjoy the summer.
That was the heart ake in short.

For the pain its just my stupid head. Such a terrible head ake. Well, kinda getting used to it, but this time was the big bang, lol. Im ok now. I got my medicins.

Then we have the fun part. My daughter was at her first party, a hello Kitty party. She had so much fun.
and we have also been to a little tivoli, and she enjoyed her first trip on a mini roller coaster. Hi, hi, wisch you al could have seen her face, it was a face filled of terrified happiness ,lol. she was so sceard but at the same time it was so much fun, hi, hi.
Anyways...just a little resume of whats been happening over here, and its also my excuse for everything that i may have missed ;).

Now back to the reason for my post...

This is my first creation for the Make It crafty Store Blog YAY! I know, thats soooo crazy! But i think its true?:)
Thank you so much Zoe for having me. The girls i will be working with are crazy talanted.
I gotta admit, im a little bit sceard, cause the talant over there are out of this world :). Really, they do some amazing work and they al are really sweet too.

Heres what i did...

A little box...

I used my little kit that i got from Swirlydoos and it was filled with prima godies.

The papers iv used is Prima Almanac collection.

Al the flowers is also Prima.

Here you can see the wonderful Make it Crafty chipboard-embellishments that i used.
I often use the mic "chippies"cause i think they ad the perfect toutch to my creations.

The "chippies" i have used on top of the box is the butterfly-leaves.

Iv also used some Swirly corners down in the corners.
Its not easy to see them, so im glad they have a little white pearl in them:)

Oki doki, That was my first Make it crafty post!

I hope you liked my little box?!

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

Right know this little lady is taking her self to bed.
I decided that today im gonna be between the sheets before the sun goes up,lol.

Natti, natti everybody!
(keeping fingers crossed that my post will go up, the new blogger layout is kinda confusing me???)

Big hugs!


lördag 21 april 2012


Phew! im running, and running, and running.....late,lol

So, lets get on with the fun stuff right away shall we? pinky promise i will not babble on and on today.
Was going thru my blog posts today and that one blogpost, a few weeks ago was soooo long, my gosch i was suprised that some of you had even read thru it al,lol.  Oke, i feel that im picking up a subject again, blogposting, i could go on and on about that, especially blogger, and how he is misbehaving. so i better stop.

We have a super fun challange for ya over at Midweek Magnolias, and the challange is to use two, yup two magnolia stamps, fun huh?!
It can be A Tilda and Tilda or...
Tilda and Edwin or...
Tilda with a dog...
a dog with a background...well,i think you get it.

I had so much fun making my card this time, cause i really love to use more than one image on my cards, but hardly ever do so. Dont know why. Maybe its becouse it for sure takes a bit longer to finisch it of since you have more images to color. (Well, mostly, but not this time, youll see what i meen), and im still kinda struggeling with my coloring from time to time, if not al of the time.

Heres my card...and...i used 3 stamps on it, yay (not al magnolia tho)

Wowza! this pic looks really blurry, doesent it? oh well, the next one should be brighter (i know, im too lazy to go back to change it,... No, let say im too stressed, since im running late,lol)
I think this image is called siblings? I gave it to hubby for his birthday. Its to him from the kids with a BIG hug!!!
Guess you are wondering where my other 2 images are....


The second image that i used is the Magnolia love background and i stamped it on a Magnolia tag die, and tucked it in on the right side of the card. I also tied some misted seembinding to it.
And for the third one i used my newest favorite, the whimsy notebook page stamp, just LOVE it!
and that one is hidden on top of the card, also with seembinding tied to it.

Oh and the dps, just gotta talk about the lovely MME paperpad. My gosch,im totally in love with al the latest MME papers. Theese ones are from the "On the bright side-two" paper pad. .I think i have the rest ones coming my way and feels like i have been waiting for ages. Hmmm...maybe i have? 6 weeks now. No wonder im starting to get a wee bit crazy. 

A closeup...

Beautiful Magnolia flowers...
I also played with theese wonderful wooden embellies, a flower and a dragon fly.
sprayed them with some walnut gold glimmer mist and added a Woj chrystal to the flower.

Just one more pick of the Whimsy notebook page stamp, so you al can see just how wonderful it really is,lol.

Oksi doksi. Now i can finally relax and go watch some tellie, my post is finally up,yay! and blogger...im just warning you...dont you even think about playing with me...!

But you al my lovelies, i would love to see you al come along and play with us.
If you need some inspiration or eye candy just pop on over to Midweek Magnolias, the girls have some stunning creations to show ya!

Most of the papers and embellies and stamps on my card is from the wonderful shop called Bunny zoes crafts.

Embellies: Wooden ornaments

Wisching you al a lovely weekend and thank you so much for stopping by today.

Hugs bettina

Im entering this too:
(coming soon)

söndag 15 april 2012

Cute little Dragon.

Hi Friends!

What a wonderful Sunday we have had here in sweden today.
Hubby has cleaned out the patio, so now we have the tables and the chairs out there.
If tomorrow morning is as lovely as today was, i will take my coffe and drink it outside, yay! I think that spring is finally here. But wait a minute...feels like i have said that before,lol.
Just have to keep my fingers and toes crossed that this time its really true.
Please, please, let the spring finally be here to stay.

Today im gonna show you a card i made with a cute little dragon. Its a sweet pea stamp. I havent used a sweet pea stamp for ages, so i tought it was about time. And this dragon was so perfect for the sketch that Janine made for us over at The sketchy challanges.

Heres my card...

and heres the wonderful sketch...

I also found a new thingy on my photoediting program...

You can make every photo look like a polaroid pic...me likey!
What do you think?

a little closeup of sleeping beauty,lol...

I colored him with my copics, and al the white dots i made with my distress pen.
I bought al the new distress pens, but i havent been able to use them:(.
and can you guess why?
Well, when i got them i put them away somewhere, out of reach for my daughter,
and now i cant find them, anywhere.
Can you believe that!!!lol.

I made some flowers with a flower die from memory box.
and  added a white pearl in them.
I think they are so beautiful.

Chipboard clouds, painted with white distress stain.

Well, i guess thats it for today.
Hope you liked my cute little dragon card?

Oh, i almoust forgot, again...
I wanna say a big HI and welcome to my place to al my new followers. 
Im so happy and honored that you al are here.
I hope i can inspiere you and that you will enjoy yourself.
Thank you! so much!

If you need some wonderful and amazing inspiration hop on over to The Sketchy Challanges.
The girls over there are absolutly amazing and so talanted!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Sunday everybody!

Big hugs

Im entering this too: