lördag 25 februari 2012

For you...

Hi Friends!

Im so sorry for being such a bad blogger lately.
Theres just been a lot going on.
But i came up with this good idea, hoping that it would make it easier for you al wonderful, lovely, talanted and very, very beautiful peeps to forgive me.:) (oh,please, please let them forgive me:))

When my daughter gets really upset with me (for making her put her clothes on or wash her hands or brusch her hair...), the easiest way for me to make her forget about the whole thing is to give her a little candy,lol. (nope, its not al true, but it has happened tho:))
So, i was thinking that i would try the same thing with you :). So...how about a little "mini candy"?

It looks a little bit like this...

1 paper pad- Prima/ Londonerry
1 paperpad- MME/ Stella Rose
1 Mic chippies- Butterfly leaves
1 Mic chippies- Flower leaf swirls
1 Diecut Cardstock- KoCompany/Jubilee 44pieces.
36 paper roses
Buttons, bits, pearls and little pieces.

Actually i also have some birthdays coming up in march.

My little big son is turning 16 years old march 13th, and my dad...
oh my dear beloved dad, he would have turned 66 years old march 27.
Sadly and suddenly he past away march 20 2010.

I cant believe its that long ago, feels like only yesterday, and im still in chock. Wonder how long it will take me before i can understand that hes really gone. Im still picking up the phone about to call him:(.

Oh well, this was supposed to be a happy post, so lets concentrate on the candy instead.
YAY! Caaaandyyyy!!!lol.

This one is for YOU, al my followers and friends!
and to celebreate my sons birthday.

I would love you to...
- Be a follower...(just becouse this candy is a "Im so sorry" candy for my awsome followers, so no candy hunters,please!)

- would be so happy if you wanna put the candy pic to your blog (just becouse i dont want anyone to miss out. I now its just a "mini candy", but sometimes even the little things can make somebody happy, righ?!)

- Link to mr Linky (just becouse you dont wanna miss out,righ?! )

-and better leave a comment too (just becouse mr linky can go crazy.)


hugs bettina.

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  1. Hi Sweetie, well I don't think anyone is angry with you like your little girl sometimes, you didn't make us wash our hands LOL!! But like your little girl we all love candy and this one is just sooo sweet! So thanks so much Bettina, hugs Frea

  2. P.S. Oops, just realised I'm no. 1 which number of course never gets drawn booohooo, and I also totally neglected to congratulate you on your sons 16th birthday!! XXX Frea

  3. Hi
    Happy you're back but no is angry...congrats to all the celebration .Thanks for the sweet candy.

  4. You are so generous Bettina! think of the happy times with your dad! Those memories will last a lifetime! I will post your candy but not enter as I am still recovering from winning your last candy! LOL Take Care!

  5. Hi
    You are so generous Bettina! Thanks for the sweet candy.

  6. Very generous!Congrats on your sons 16th birthday

  7. Thnaks for the chance Bettina!

  8. This is very nice!!
    Thanks for the change to win the Candy.
    I wish you love and al the best.


  9. ooohhhh what a lovely Candy ... wow what a busy month for you!
    A big Happy Birthday to your son (that is the same day as my Father's Birthday) ... and I'm sure you will have many happy memories to share with your family on your Father's Birthday :)

    Big Hugs
    Xoxoxo Carly

  10. Flott candy! Jeg vil gjerne være med og har postet link i sidebaren og lagt igjen link i mr.linky ;) Klem fra Tonje

  11. Hi Bettina....cherish your memories with your dad....early congrats on your son....and thanks for offering this lovely candy!
    xxx Margreet

  12. Har lagdt til godisen din i sidebaren min ;) Klem

  13. HEY i am already a follower of your...love your work..thanks for the lovely candy...cheers

  14. Hello Bettina! I am a follower for a long while since...
    Great giveaway! I linked it on sidebar

  15. Hallo Bettina, Thank you for this lovely candy. I was a follower allready and put the candy in my sidebar!
    Hugs, Marianne MW

  16. Gorgeous candy. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. http://iakoma.blogspot.com/2012/02/blog-post_26.html
    Thank you for this gorgeous candy

  18. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. thanks sweetie I hope your son has a wonderful time and just try to remember the happy times he would want you to be happy but theres also nothing wrong with feeling sad at times too keep smiling huni xx

  20. Hi thank you for the chance to win such great candy, not that there is anything to forgive you for though! It's ok to get sad, it has been 10 years since I lost my Dad and I still get upset from time to time, we never get over these things, we just learn to live with them over time!
    Helen x

  21. great candy..thank you for the chance to win.

  22. what a great giveaway.Please pop my name in the hat, hope I'm lucky.Linked candy on my sidebar and I'm your follower. Good luck to everyone because whoever wins it is sure to love it.
    Ukka x

  23. Lovely candy! Thanks for the chance of winning such great stuff!

  24. Hi dear! Sorry about your dad, it's always not easy to experience something like this. But don't give up and find consolation in your works, you do it really wonderful! Hope to win this great price! Hugs!

  25. Must be so hard to lose your death, must be especially difficult at special dates such as his birthdate. Hugs for you! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful candy! Hugs, Hanneke

  26. O wow what a gorgeous candy, that is so generous of you. Thank you for the chance to win Bettina, and I know what you mean about your dad. I too lost mine so suddenly. He wasn't sick or anything, one day he was here, next day and he was gone... on his birthday! I still can't believe it. Think of good memories and that he didn't suffer when he died xxx

  27. Gorgeous candy Bettina!!! Unfortunately life can get in the way of our crafty fun, hope you get some awsome times ahead of you real soon and hope you are ok.

  28. Hello, I have discovered through my friend and I am happy to celebrate with you the candy.

  29. Hello Bettina, I came to your blog by visiting other blogs and you have a beautiful blog. You make great creations. I love to make a chance for your giveaway candy. I've become your follower and have places your candy on my blog.

    Greetings, Alette

    Hope you like to visit my blog.....

  30. And I wish you all the best and hope you find piece for missing your dad.

    Hugs, Alette

  31. awesome candy, thank you for the chance to win. sorry for your loss.

  32. halli-hallo,

    das ist ein tolles candy, vielen dank, dass ich mitmachen kann und alles gut weiterhin.

    glg meggi

  33. awesome candy. thanks for the chance. :) i'm a follower and i've linked up on my blog sidebar. :)

  34. Hi Bettina, don't worry I think we all know these periods with no time or simply no inspiration to create anything. I'm already following and there's a link in my sidebar . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  35. Thank you for the change

  36. Lovely candy! Thank you for a chance to win!

  37. Aren't you just so kind Bettina! Thanks for the chance for this gorgeous candy. March is a special month for me too ;o) Happy 16th to your big fella!! :o) xx

  38. Спасибо за возможность участвовать :)

    Thank you very much!

  39. Your work is amazing. I am now your newest follower. I am loving your blog candy! Good Luck to all.

  40. Gorgeous candy Bettina, Thank you so much for the chance to win!xx

  41. Great Candy !
    Fingers ares crossed...
    Thanks for the chance.

    Graatings, Anreda

  42. Hi, your blog is really wonderful, I am happy to find you. Best wiahes to your and yor son. Thanks for the chanse to win this great candy.

  43. Hey! Your candy has been added in the Blog Candies section at Feline Playful! Hope you get lots of traffic via Feline Playful blog!

  44. Great sugar free candy, thank for the chance to win

    Have a fab weekend hugs shell xx

  45. Oh Bettina, I know how you feel. My dad has been gone for 3 years now and My birthday was last week... I got a new phone and had to transfer cell numbers over.... Dads number was still on my old phone... I just didnt want to get rid of it.

  46. Another fabulous giveaway, someone is going to be so lucky :)))!!

  47. I'm sorry for Bettina, I didn't find myself at once
    and added link again
    please delete number 60 :)!

  48. Such a wonderful giveaway. Happy birthday to your son. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for the chance
    Hugs, Rosalee

  49. Congratulations Bettina. Great candy offer.
    Best wishes, Sharon

  50. ciao bettina grazie per questa possibilità il candy è molto bello ciao rosa.kreattiva

  51. Happy belated birthday to your son. I hope he had a great birthday! :)
    And thank you for the chance to win all these goodies. Hugs!

  52. I think Mr.Linky won't go crazy))) http://lamiastella-sonya.blogspot.it/

  53. wow! This is a BEAUTIFUL giveaway! I would be soooo lucky and happy to win all these goodies! I can tell that we have the same tastes :P Thanks so much for the chance. I added your giveaway on my blog sidebar! :)

  54. Hi Bettina.

    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely candy.

    I posted this link on my blog (side bar) http://crieartezzanato.blogspot.com.br/

    Val Rodrigues

    1. Thanks for a chance to win...lovely candy!!!!

  55. Thank you very much for the chance this amazing price

  56. Very beautiful candy. Hope I'm lucky enough to win.

  57. Hej Bettina!
    Det är första gången jag
    är här hos dig.
    Du har en jättefin sida,
    med helt underbara kort.
    Jag har länkat med bild,
    följare är jag nu också,
    och Mr Linky har jag också
    Din candy är superfin, så
    nu hoppas jag på tur.

    Vill du besöka mig:

    Sussie B.

  58. wowie what a great candy, love to take a chance for it, if it is ok?

  59. hello! thanks for small chance! i wish you great inspirations! sorry for my english. im from Russia. Nice to meet you!

  60. Hi, Bettina!
    Great candy. Thank you for the chance to win!

  61. Thank you for this candy...amazing

  62. Sorry, I entered 2 times. Wil you remove the last one?
    Thank you,
    Nettie (n@tie**)