söndag 19 februari 2012

A new sketch and a new adventure,yay!

God evening friends!

Hope your al having a great weekend!?.

We have had a really relaxing weekend, just staying at home watching the tele, and today starts the new season of "Big Brother" Yay!

We had so much fun infront of the tele last year while watching it. The whole family got hooked. I even have it on 24/7 on the inthernet, that way i wont miss anything of whats hapening in the house,lol.

I know, it sounds totally crazy, im feeling like a teen,lol. hooked on a thing like this. people just making  fools out of themselfs, well guess i love it cause it feels so nice to see that im not the only one making a fool out of me, there are actually some people that are worse than me,lol

Anyways, yesterday we got a new sketch up for ya to play with over at The sketchy challanges.
and its a fab sketch made by the wonderful...ME! LOL!

Yup, i actyally made my first sketch, so be nice. Here it is...

Hope you like it?

If you need some inspiration just head over to the Sketchy challanges, the DT girls have outdone themselves, once again.

And... I have started a new adventure, i actually have a new addiction...that im totally blaming kellie winnell for,lol.

Called "SMASH" YAY!

Its kinda like journaling, scrapbooking and a diary al at once.

I have just bought me 5  SMASH books. Im such a happy girl!!!:)

And if you dont know what the heck im talking about, this is how the books look like...

this is a inside wiew of a smashed page...

Here is the green book and some of the pages inside. I think this one is called Eco style...

and here is the red one, called doodeling style (i hope)...

Doesent it look like so much fun? It totally is. And there are special groups and challanges just for smashing/journaling.

This is my 1st page i did in my blue book (sorry for the bad picks)

Thanks alot for stopping by today, and have a fantastic Sunday everybody!

BIG hugs bettina

4 kommentarer:

  1. Love the sketch Bettina...and Ooh love the SMASH books too hun...Mmm me thinks I might have a go at this :o)

    have a lovely evening...big hugs Vicky xx

  2. Hi Bettina, great sketch and I love those SMASH books, I haven't started one yet. Hugs, Frea

  3. I have just made a card using your fab sketch and those smash books look great!
    Helen x

  4. Hi Bettina, I'm Ro Philippsen from Brazil!
    I just loved your visit to our Yummy's Scrapbooking blog, I'm very happy with your sweet words to us!
    You have an amazing blog and wonderful works. Now I'm your fallower.
    Big hugs,