lördag 7 april 2012

This and that...and a winner!!!

Hello sweet Friends!

How is Easter going! A lot of Easterbunnys bouncing around?
Been eating lots off  eggs? I have...

We have had a few Bunnys and Easter witches knocking on our door. I dont know how many of you have Easter witches? Here in Sweden its a big and fun tradition to dress up the kids (and grownups too, the ones who dear. Im one of those,lol) to Easter witches and then they go thru the neighbourhood knocking on the doors asking for treats. Its much like the trick or treating during halloween.

Heres how they can look...

and heres my baby...

Excactly how a witch should look...no teeth,lol.

It feels like i have a lot to blog about, so lets get on with it.
First im gonna show you my post thats up over at  the Copic marker Europe blog.

I decided to color up this cute little Tilda. The barrel that she is carrying her delicious apples in looks  like its made of  wood. It remindes me so much of the ones i have in my back yard, and they are both made of wood.

Oki doki, the first color i have used is E 81...

The next color would be E 44...

Then i add a little bit of E 47...

At this point i use the E 81 again and blend a little...
after the blending it would look like this...

The last thing i do is to add a little bit of  E 49 and once again i blend it al.
After al the steps my barrel looks like this...

So, what do you think? Does it look like a old "dirty" wooden barrel?

Calling it old and "dirty" cause once again im thinking about the ones i have, and they have been thru alot, standing outside in the backyard for about 10 years.

Oki doki, hope that this little tut could help and inspiere some of you, cause i know i had some problems with my browns. I kinda couldnt get it to look "woody":).

Next topic:

Looksie what i got....

Versatile Blogger Award

I got it from my sweet, crazy and talanted blogging friend Corry .

and this is what she had to say:
2. Bettina- who has grown & inspired me to be the best I can be!

...that really brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you soooo much my wonderful Corry!

Now as always this award comes with its rules, so here we go
"If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.DONE
  •  Include a link to their blog. DONE
  •  Select 15 blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. DONE
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award . DONE
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.  DONE

About Me! 

1. Im actually 38...not 25 :)

2. I love vampire/varwolves/Zombie movies and series. (Im often seeing Eric (true blood) He supportes the same football team as we do. So if hes not off doing movies, hes at the games)

3. I love to travel. So far iv been to Kenya, Mexico, Thailand, Danmark, Egypt 3times, Florida 3 times. (Our son is made in florida,lol)

4. Im really stubern. I always tell the truth. My family says that i talk to much. I think im kinda funny too, at least i always laugh at my jokes.;)

5. Iv got a new hobby...SMASHING! Its so much fun. Its like a combination of scrapbooking and journaling, kinda. The Smash books are totally awsome!

A few pages made by Aninha.

6. I started al over again, with the babymaking thingy,lol. I have a son whos 16 and i tought that i was totally done, i was happy with one. But then somehow another came along. Shes 2 and shes our little miracle!!!

7. I almoust died 3 years ago, my babygirl too who was in my stomach. Its a really long story, and im still suffering from everything that happend then.
One thing i can say after that experience is that i appriciate life so much more. Every day is a gift!!!

8. I have some really HAPPY NEWS to share with you al, but i cant tell anything just yet, he heeee!
Al i can say is that i got so happy i peed my pants,lol :):):)!!!

Theese talanted Women inspiers me and i wisch that i some day will be as talanted as they are!

Alyce- My new talanted blogging friend. Her coloring is AMAZING!
Maria- This is the place to go for inspiration!:)
Debbie- my new teamie and oh so talanted.
Delphine- Such sweet and adorable creations. just so awwww!
Jane- A farmers wife that makes magic with colors..
Julie- MY new friend and my jaw dropped the first time i visited her blog!:)
Tracey- Oh! How i LOVE her wonderful creations!
Sandie- Makes stunning creations and im so looking forward to get to now her better.:)
Tracy- She can put togheter the most perfect creations and shes totally awsome!
Viv- a true blogging friend. Shes so talanted and i love her humor. She always makes me happy!
Zoe- Make it Crafty. Well, you al know her- Totally mad coloring skillz.
Kylie- Words are not enough. Only thing i can say is wowza, Stunning, Amazing,i can go on and on...:)
Sandy- She makes the most beautiful and stunning creations and always gives a helping hand.
Tracy- i love this talanted woman. She has believed in me from the beginning and made me wanna do the best that i can.
Lori- i stop by her blog everyday. That says it al:)!
Angela- she inspiers me everyday. I ADORE her creations.

Wow, that was hard. So many talanted ladies out there
The list could have been a lot longer.

I have one more thing to tell you.
Nikki over at Bunny Zoes has a easter special for you


Are you still with me?

Ofcourse you are, Cause we al want to know who the lucky winner of my candy are, right?

Oki Doki, here it comes. The winner of my mini candy is...









and thats you Ann Marie Governale!!!

Congrats sweetie!

Could you please e-mail me at bettinabillung@yahoo.se

Phew! I think this must have been the longest post i have ever made,lol.

Ill be back a little later with my happy news.

Now i just want to wisch you al a blessed Easter.

Hugs bettina

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow Bettina, that was quite a post, goodness me LOL!! How cute is your little girl, adorable! Saw your wood colouring on the Copics blog, great work! Have a great Easter, hugs Frea

  2. Aww your little one looks so cute! Hope you had a wonderful Easter sweetie! Thanks for that little insight into you! Hugs Rebekah xx

  3. Glad Pask pa dig med! Tack for omnamnandet; det var gulligt av dig! Sa sot hon ar din lilla tjej och aven de sma paskgummorna.

    Kram pa dig!