måndag 28 maj 2012

Coloring clouds.


Im sorry for beeing so quiet lately.
You know how it sometimes just comes and takes over everything, that thingy called life.
So lately i havent had hardly any crafting time at al. Oooh, i miss my craft room so much!:(

Well, hopefully life will soon be over. No wait, that sounded so totally wrong,lol.
I ment al those little nasty "things" in life that takes away al my crafting time.  I hope that the "things" in my life will be over and sorted out really, really soon. Sometimes i feel like just screaming. Shut up! Stop nagging! Stop bothering me! cant you see im trying? Im doing the best i can with what i got. You know...?
Just tell life to give you a little brake. At least for a little while so that you have time to gather your self up for the next little "thing". But sometimes life just hits you with one thing after another. It doesent matter how much i scream, im just wasting my time and energy

Im sorry for ounding so down,but i kinda guess i am a little bit.
But on the bright side i know that when this al is over im leaving behind yet another milestone in my life, and i will be so much braver, wiser, stronger and more beautiful than ever, ha, ha, just kidding:) No way this will make me more beautiful. I wisch!, lol. But i will for sure be stronger then ever.

So, enough with the winying and off to talk about something so much funnier...Crafting!

Iv had a little tutorial up over at the Copicmarker Europe blog. Coloring clouds.

Theres so many ways to do this and i think i will call this the Annica way, cause i learned it from her.

The copics im gonna use is B0000, B000 and B23.

Im gonna concentrate on this background image from Make it crafty.

and at the end im going to mount on this pre colored Tilda image.

oki doki, lets get on with it shall we :).

Im going to do the whole coloring process on a piece of mic blending card.

The first color im using is the B 0000.

Just be really "shaky" in your hands while doing it.
Clouds arent perfect in real life, they  are al different looking, so no need to feel that you are doing wrong. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The only pinpoint i can give you is to go slightly in zic zac when coloring.

The next color im using is the darkest blue. B 23...

Looks kinda funny huh? but it will get better. (i hope,lol)

Then im gonna use the B 000...

Im kinda dabbing it on to the darkest blue, going a little bit on to the lightest blue, not too much tho.

Then im taking B0000 again and starting from the darkest blue again and blending it upwards, but not al the way over the lightest blue (B0000).I wanna keep the first layer of B0000 untouthched. Cause if I go all over it one more time, the second layer will make it darker.

Of course you can do that also if you want to, and you can use different colors also.
Make the clouds darker or lighter, ad some greys to it.
Well, its totally up to you how you want you clouds to look.

Well, we are finished! 
Wasn't that really easy?!

This is how the finished image looks when Tilda is mounted on to it...

Well, thats it from me today. I hope i could inspiere or help someone with my little tut.
Have a wonderful week everybody!


Hugs Bettina.

Copics used on the background/
Clouds: B0000, 000, 23
Flowers: Y15, 17, 35, R02
Leaves: G40, 28 YG63
Ground: E000, 00, 34, 47, 57, 49, 59

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for the tutorial, Bettina...Tilda is coloured fab!...hope everything will be fine for you soon!
    xxx Margreet

  2. So wonderful Bettina.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  3. oohhhh ahhhh!!! gorgeous and thank you so much for sharing.

    xoxox Carly