torsdag 3 maj 2012

Playing with Mic" Chippies".


Was going thru my blog and kinda felt that something was missing, and then it hit me. I totally missed to post this on my blog. I know, bad, bad me.

Without going in to it too much, i have had some crazy weeks over here, alot going on. Including some pain, some heart ake, some fun and signing papers and signing papers and some more signing papers.
We are doing al the last stufs that has to be done with al dads things and money. (Love you and miss you so much dad). Hopefully by summer its al taken care of. Would love to leave al that behind me now, and just enjoy the summer.
That was the heart ake in short.

For the pain its just my stupid head. Such a terrible head ake. Well, kinda getting used to it, but this time was the big bang, lol. Im ok now. I got my medicins.

Then we have the fun part. My daughter was at her first party, a hello Kitty party. She had so much fun.
and we have also been to a little tivoli, and she enjoyed her first trip on a mini roller coaster. Hi, hi, wisch you al could have seen her face, it was a face filled of terrified happiness ,lol. she was so sceard but at the same time it was so much fun, hi, hi.
Anyways...just a little resume of whats been happening over here, and its also my excuse for everything that i may have missed ;).

Now back to the reason for my post...

This is my first creation for the Make It crafty Store Blog YAY! I know, thats soooo crazy! But i think its true?:)
Thank you so much Zoe for having me. The girls i will be working with are crazy talanted.
I gotta admit, im a little bit sceard, cause the talant over there are out of this world :). Really, they do some amazing work and they al are really sweet too.

Heres what i did...

A little box...

I used my little kit that i got from Swirlydoos and it was filled with prima godies.

The papers iv used is Prima Almanac collection.

Al the flowers is also Prima.

Here you can see the wonderful Make it Crafty chipboard-embellishments that i used.
I often use the mic "chippies"cause i think they ad the perfect toutch to my creations.

The "chippies" i have used on top of the box is the butterfly-leaves.

Iv also used some Swirly corners down in the corners.
Its not easy to see them, so im glad they have a little white pearl in them:)

Oki doki, That was my first Make it crafty post!

I hope you liked my little box?!

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

Right know this little lady is taking her self to bed.
I decided that today im gonna be between the sheets before the sun goes up,lol.

Natti, natti everybody!
(keeping fingers crossed that my post will go up, the new blogger layout is kinda confusing me???)

Big hugs!


7 kommentarer:

  1. Bettina sounds like you have been having a busy time! Lots of fun moments too it sounds :) Love the box you have created...such beautiful details! :D

  2. This is gorgeous Bettina! Absolutely beautiful! Laura x

  3. Jag gillar din box, den är jättefin..
    Ha en fin dag!!! Kramizar Susanne

  4. What a beautiful box,I love the papers and the details.

    Hugs Riet.xx

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  6. Hej Vannen.
    Trakigt att hora att du haft det lite jobbigt pa sistonene, men det ar val tyvarr sadant som hor livet till. Hoppas det kanns battre snart nar allt ar overstokat och sommaren star pa glant. Har i England kanns det inte som att vi ska fa ngn sommar; hela april regnade det (tydligen har det inte regnat sa mkt sedan 1911...) och nu ar vi inne i maj och det ar fortfarande kallt och ruggigt. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Valdigt fin liten ask du har gjort iaf.

    Ha det!

  7. That is a stunning little box!! I love the offset cluster at the top - and it's so perfectly finished off! Really fantastic work!