lördag 28 november 2015

Peekaboo !


Its been a looong time! A very long time indeed, about a year now.
How are you everybody:)!
Hopefully wonderful!?

Iv been off for a while, just resting and trying to pick this stubbern body togheter.
My brain is just fine, (well...eeh...depends on who you ask;)) but this grumpy body Is not listening.
Oh well, The best therapy is crafting!!!:)

So i decided to try to try out for some design teams, just cause i need some Fun in My life and some awsome crafty peeps to talk to and ofcourse cause i love to craft:).

So i tryed out for crafty sentiments design team, just love al The Cute images and stamps!:)
And guess what!....
Im on The Crafty sentiments design team!

And i tryed out for Michele R Designs design team, just love her wonderful design papers!:)
And guess what!...
Im on the Michele R Designs design team!

So from now on you Will be seeing My creations here again.


Im back! Lol!

Big hugs and Smooches to you al!

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